Earlier this week we reported on Microsoft testing placing ads into free games on the Xbox platform. It now seems Sony is doing the same and will put subtle advertisements within exclusive PlayStation titles.

According to Business Insider, the Japanese company is working on bringing ads to its console. This will reportedly happen through a collaboration with several AdTech companies. However, Sony will maintain control over which games ads appear in and the placement of the ads.

Even so, whereas Microsoft is taken a subtle approach, Sony is actually engaging developers. In other words, the company will give developers the tools to put ads into their PlayStation games. This means Sony is actively monetizing ads on its gaming platform.

Microsoft will not take ad revenue from its in-game ads. Another interesting thing Microsoft won’t do is use the data from use ad interactions on its Bing search engine or other products. Information will not be used to target more ads to you on other Microsoft services.

Enticing Developers

Like Microsoft, Sony will allow ads only on free-to-play game. By monetizing, the company wants to encourage developers to keep making free games available. Yes, that means by allowing them to generate income from the games through ads.

Just like Microsoft, Sony has yet to confirm whether this report is true of not. Perhaps the company is taking a different approach. Similarly, Microsoft’s ad plans on Xbox are also not official. It will be interesting to see how both companies tackle the potentially controversial move of placing ads directly into games.

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