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Cold emailing is one of the most effective business practices to acquire new customers. It lets you reach out to potential customers and turn them into buyers.

However, sending lots of emails in bulk to spam accounts or incorrect email addresses can cost you heavily. This is where you need an efficient email validator API like mailboxlayer.

An email validator API checks an email address’s legitimacy, existence, and validity. Some powerful email validator APIs like mailboxlayer also check the quality of email addresses.

If you’re not sure whether you need an email validator API, here are 10 signs that show you should definitely invest in one.

1. Do You Want To Send Emails to Real Customers?

Sending emails to the right customers forms the basis of a successful marketing strategy. However, as spammers are finding new ways to create fake accounts, you might have a lot of unauthentic and invalid email addresses on your list.

This means a lower conversion rate. But with an email validator API like mailboxlayer, you can easily separate authentic email addresses from unauthentic ones.

Mailboxlayer offers full real-time email verification, such as syntax check, typos, disposable emails, etc., to ensure you’re sending emails only to real customers. With mailboxlayer API, you can instantly verify the validity, existence, and quality of any email address as it comes into your system.

2. Are You Looking For an Easy Way To Verify Email Addresses Accurately?

There are a few different ways to verify email addresses, such as sending a test email and seeing if it hard-bounces.

However, this process consumes a lot of your valuable time. You could also use online email verification tools, but they aren’t very accurate. The best way to verify and validate an email address is to use an email validator API.

Mailboxlayer is super easy to use and delivers results in a lightweight, easy-to-read JSON format. With mailboxlayer API, you can check the validity of an email by just passing it into the request URL. The API also comes with detailed documentation to make things even easier.

Additionally, mailboxlayer offers high accuracy (around 98%), so you can trust it to validate any email address accurately. The mailboxlayer API uses the lookup of MX-Records and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to validate the existence of any email address. The API also returns a quality score that reflects the quality and deliverability of the requested email address.

3. Are Your Email Open and Click-Through Rates Low?

If your email marketing campaign isn’t paying off, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your campaign isn’t well-crafted. A big reason for low open and click-through rates can be that you’re sending most of the emails to bots or incorrect email addresses.

This is where you need an email validator API like mailboxlayer to send emails to real customers that will actually open them.

4. Do You Want to Verify Bulk Emails?

Businesses need to send cold emails to multiple addresses. However, verifying them one by one takes a lot of time. This is where the mailboxlayer email validator comes in handy. Depending on your subscription plan, you can request email checks for as many as 100 emails at a time.

5. Do You Want to Verify Email Addresses at a Low Price?

There are many tools that let you verify and validate email addresses, but not all the tools provide quality results at reasonable prices. However, mailboxlayer offers high accuracy and affordable subscription plans, including a free plan.

With the free plan, you get 100 API requests, syntax and type checks, free and disposable provider databases, quality score checks, and Real-time SMTP (MX-Records check.)

6. Do You Want to Check If a Mailbox is Configured to Receive All Incoming Emails?

A mailbox that is configured to receive all incoming emails sent to the domain (even if the specific email doesn’t exist) is called a catch-all mailbox. Catch-all emails can cause high bounce rates and low open rates. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to identify such emails.

However, detecting catch-all emails can be extremely difficult unless you’re using an efficient email validator API like mailboxlayer.

Mailboxlayer comes with a catch-all detection functionality that accurately detects if the requested email address is configured to catch all incoming mail traffic or not.

7. Do You Want to Check Email Addresses For Syntax Errors and Typos?

Syntax validation and typo check are the key elements of the email validation process. However, not all email validation tools offer these features. Mailboxlayer, on the other hand, is equipped with both syntax and typos check functionality.

For standard email syntax check, the mailboxlayer API verifies the compliance of an email address (both local part and domain part) with regular expression rules, such as character limits.

For typos check, the API checks the email address for potential misspelling or typo in the domain part, and if any of it is detected, the API suggests an alternative email.

8. Do You Want to Separate Free Email Addresses From Individual Domains?

Including free email addresses, such as Gmail or Yahoo, in your email list is usually part of an email marketing strategy.

However, for certain types of email campaigns, you might have to send emails to only email addresses that are using an individual domain. This is where you need to use an email validator API like mailboxlayer. Mailboxlayer lets you separate free email addresses from individual domains.

The API is linked to several regularly updated databases containing all available email providers and shows you if the requested email address is free or not.

9. Do You Want to Separate Disposable Email Addresses From Real Domains?

A disposable email address is a temporary email address that users create anonymously. Creating a disposable email address doesn’t usually require the users to sign up.

This means the inbox of a disposable email address is publicly visible. Moreover, such email addresses expire after a certain time period.

Including disposable email addresses in your list of recipients can negatively impact your email marketing campaign.

So it’s best to use an email validator API that is capable of separating disposable email addresses from real domains. Mailboxlayer is one such API. The API accurately shows if the requested email address is using a disposable email provider.

10. Do You Want to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective?

If your email marketing campaign isn’t providing you the results that you want, you need to use an email validator API. Email validation ensures you’re collecting quality data. This data can then be used to improve campaigns.

Additionally, when you’re using an email validator API, you can be sure that the data accurately reflects your campaign’s effectiveness.

Ready to verify the existence, validity, and quality of any email address? Head over to mailboxlayer and choose a plan that best fits your needs!