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13 Things About The Angular Material Components You May Not Know


This article was contributed by Sencha, a JavaScript application framework for building interactive cross-platform web applications.

Angular is the preferred choice of a Javascript framework for many developers. It has a component-based approach to creating web-based applications, but there is one issue that remains unresolved.

Angular does not come with pre-built components, forcing developers to either construct their components from scratch or rely on the community to acquire them.

ExtAngular with Angular offers the perfect solution to this dilemma. It is shipped with an impressive 140+ built-in and pretested UI components to accelerate the development of your web applications.

Continue reading to learn 13 facts you probably didn’t know about Angular materials components. This blog will convince you to switch to Ext Angular with Angular, the best JavaScript framework for developing web apps.

Did You Know that ExtAngular Includes a Grid to Handle Millions of Data Points?

Data handling and manipulation are essential aspects of any application. For example, Sencha ExtAngular includes a grid with prebuilt functionality to handle millions of data records. You can apply sorting, grouping, filtering, searching, and more operations to data and get the response in a flash.

Did You Know that You Can Use a Built-in Material Design Inspired theme in Your Angular Apps?

With Sencha Themer, developers no longer need to construct custom styles to develop modern, effective, and stunning user interfaces. Instead, Sencha Themer enables a built-in materials design-inspired theme, which can be easily altered or extended.

The best thing is that you don’t have to write a single code to adapt the themes according to your application. Fonts, colors, and padding are customizable to give your Angular app a distinct look.

Is there a Way to Intelligently Scale and Position UI Components in Angular?

ExtAngular includes a layout component to position and scale different UI components. There are various pre-built options such as the Accordion layout, Center layout, Fit layout,  Form layout, etc. You can try out different layouts in the Sencha ExtAngular Kitchen Sink.

Which Angular Material Component Allows Me to Add a Drawing Tool to My Applications?

You can now enhance your users’ experience by giving them the flexibility to draw various freehand shapes with different colors. For example, the draw component included with ExtAngular easily allows you to integrate drawing tools into your apps. Sencha ExtAngular Kitchen Sink has a demonstration of the draw tool.

How Do I Give My Users the Option to Create and Edit HTML Documents in an Angular App?

In ExtAngular, you can give your users the option to create and edit HTML documents right within the app.

You can integrate the awesome Froala editor component into your app and listen to all its corresponding events and customize their behavior if needed.

All this can be done easily and quickly with just a few lines of code.

Which Angular Material Component Can I Use to Add Powerful Analytics to My Applications?

The pivot grid component allows you to carry out powerful data analysis. For example, you can apply various operations to your multidimensional data records, including sum, average, count, etc.

The computations can be carried out locally or on a remote server. This component has been optimized in execution speed, so the results are returned in the blink of an eye.

Which Tools Support Testing My ExtAngular and Angular Apps?

Sencha Test includes support for end-to-end testing of your ExtAngular and Angular apps. It empowers you to develop high-quality applications which are reliable and robust while reducing your testing time and costs.

How Do I Bundle and Optimize My ExtAngular Apps?

The ExtAngular Webpack plug-in integrates with Sencha Cmd to make it simple for developers to package, improve and optimize their ExtAngular apps. What’s more, Sencha Cmd provides a full set of lifecycle management tools such as scaffolding, code minification, production build generation, and more to complement your Sencha projects.

How Do I Access ExtAngular Packages and Early Pre-Releases?

All Sencha products are available on the Sencha private npm registry. This npm registry allows you to access all ExtAngular packages and early pre-releases immediately.

Can I Use Sencha Fiddle With ExtAngular to Try My Code?

Yes, absolutely! You can use Sencha Fiddle, a free tool that enables you to execute and test your ExtAngular code right there in your browser. You don’t need to download and install any special tools for this. You can also share your code using the fiddle URL when working in a team.

What are ExtAngular TypeScript definitions?

You can use ExtAngular typescript definitions that give you the code completion functionality in many code editors, including Visual Studio Code. This enhances your overall coding experience and reduces your overall development time.

Which Tool Helps Kickstart New ExtAngular Projects?

The ExtAngular app generator helps you kickstart your new project by automatically generating code for your new app. You can quickly create a barebones application and run it. This bonus offers best practices and tools to help you be more productive.

Are there ExtAngular Examples to Help Me Get Started?

The ExtAngular Kitchen Sink is a complete showcase of ExtAngular components and features for all Angular developers. You can visit ExtAngular examples to try out various parts and get a demo of their full functionality.

How Do I Get Started With Sencha ExtAngular?

Sencha ExtAngular empowers you to build stunning and beautiful web apps that are powerful and robust with the capacity to handle huge volumes of data.

ExtAngular comes with built-in and pre-tested ExtAngular material components optimized to work together, and you can easily integrate them into your application.

With ExtAngular, you can accelerate the development of your apps, reducing your time to market.

Don’t wait any longer. Explore all of Sencha ExtAngular features today and start your free trial now.

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