The dislike button, some people love the idea, others hate it. YouTube has one, while other social media sites do not. It now seems TikTok is ready to introduce a dislike button. However, unlike YouTube, the button will not allow you to show your displeasure with a video. Instead, the button will be for comments.

It is easy to abuse a dislike button for content, but comments can often be cesspits of stupidity, so a dislike button does have its merits. TikTok is discussing the in-development feature in a blog post.

According to the company, the dislike button is a “way to let individuals identify comments they believe to be irrelevant or inappropriate,” and to “keep the comment section consistently relevant and a place for genuine engagement.”

TikTok seems to be treading likely with this potentially controversial feature. The company will not put a counter on comments. In other words, users will not be able to see how many dislikes a comment has.


So, what’s the point? Well, it seems that at least in testing the goal is to give TikTok feedback to be able to moderate comments. In its blog post, the company points out that not adding a counter allows to  “avoid creating ill-feeling between community members or demoralize creators.”

TikTok points out that the feedback that comes from the dislike button will only be one factor in how it manages comments sections. It will go alongside a “range of factors we already use to help keep the comment section consistently relevant and a place for genuine engagement.”

Furthermore, the social communication giant is also resting reminders. This will give creators the ability to keep up to date with comment filtering, such as deletions, bulk blocking, and other options.

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