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Microsoft PowerToys Brings Peek File Explorer Feature to Windows 11

Peek is currently available in prototype for the File Explorer through PowerToys, allowing Windows 11 users to preview files easily.


As we reported this week, a shiny fresh look is perhaps not enough to drive the adoption of . With upgrades stalling, may need to entice customers with interesting features. Turning to other platforms for inspiration is one way to do it. So, Microsoft appears to be taking cues from 's macOS with a new feature.

We have already seen how Microsoft is borrowing the idea of a tabbed File Explorer from Apple, now the company is looking at the ability to use the Spacebar to preview files. This is already available on macOS but could make its way to Microsoft's PowerToys.

Over on Reddit, u/MSFT-SAM published an image showing the new PowerToys component known as Peek. This new tool allows a “a lightning-fast file preview feature for Windows.” In other words, you can see any file within by pressing a specific key.

Importantly, the leak comes from an official Microsoft staffer. Yes, u/MSFT-SAM is a Microsoft employee on the company's Photos team.

New Tool

Microsoft already allows users to preview files in File Explorer and third-party apps already exist to support the ability to preview with one key (instead of a mouse click). Of course, it would be easier if the feature was simply baked into File Explorer. That's where Peek in PowerToys comes in.

Although the tool is currently in prototype, so we likely won't see it for some time.

Back in May 2019, Microsoft rebooted its PowerToys, a modern version of the suite of tools that appeared on Windows 95. The core difference was that the suite is now open source.

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