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Minecraft Getting Luminous Night Update

Minecraft Luminous Night is a new Seasonal Adventure update for Minecraft Dungeons and a new dark theme addition.


Exploring during in-game daylight is wonderful, complete with sumptuous views. However, doing the same at night can be a chore. This situation is even worse in dungeons. Now Mojang wants to shine a light on this night-time world with the new Minecraft Luminous Night update.

This is the second Seasonal Adventure and provides glowing scenes in Minecraft Dungeons. It also comes with a new dark theme. In a post, developer Mojang says this theme is very dark, so the Minecraft Luminous Night is necessary:

“The Dungeons team has inexplicably removed several light bulbs in the offices, and it's likely your fuse box's next! While this sinister prank left us all in the dark for a while, we now know it was part of a much darker scheme (or maybe theme?) – a new update!” The post reads.

Bundled into the update is a new Tower design that is specific to this theme, where players can visit new floors. Other areas will also be given the luminous treatment. Furthermore, Mojang is also adding a wildfire adversary.

Other Additions

According to the company, wildfire “may prove too hot to handle for even the most seasoned adventurers!” There are also plenty of other changes coming with Minecraft Luminous Night:

‘Just like the previous season, there are plenty of new rewards to earn – rewards that look particularly stylish during the night. Skins, capes, emotes, and flairs will light up your surroundings with a luminescent light, while new adorable pets such as the ministrosity and abomination will light the fire in your heart. You might also appreciate the new quality-of-life features coming, such as the highly anticipated storage chest that will bring order to your chaotic inventory.”

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