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Microsoft System Center 2022 Is Now Generally Available

System Center 2022 is now generally available with a suite of services including Virtual Machine Manager and Data Protection Manager.


Back in September last year, said it would roll out System Center 2022 to all users during Q1, 2022. Well, the company has more or less lived up to that promise. Just a few days after the end of Q1, Microsoft says System Center 2022 is leaving preview and is generally available.

With the latest version of System Center 2022, Microsoft is combining System Center (SC) Operation Manager (SCOM), Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), System Center Orchestrator (SCORCH), Service Manager (SM), and Data Protection Manager (DPM).

In its release blog, Microsoft points to the benefits of using System Center 2022:

“Enhanced access control capabilities in SCOM facilitate simpler management of permissions on the monitoring data and alert actions. A critical piece toward adoption of DevOps practices, empowering the users with the right level of control. The integration with Microsoft Teams and management of alert closures reduce the circle time between the application owners and the SCOM administrator. The developers can get notified about alerts for their applications on the Teams channels.

Additionally, to meet the needs of growing environments, you can now assign both IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses to the software-defined networking (SDN) deployments with VMM. Performance and technology optimizations to the data protection manager mean you get more control and speed on the backups and restores.”


Among the abilities of System Center 2022 is the Operations Manager directly integrating with Microsoft Teams for alerts. Furthermore, users can also set custom roles within the Operations Manager.

As for the Data Protection Manager, it will get folder-level restore capabilities for VM backups. Finally, restoring on parallel will be included for multiple virtual machines.

“System Center 2022 is the best toolset to manage your Windows Server 2022 and SQL Server infrastructure. This includes using Windows Server 2022 for the management infrastructure and managing the Windows Server 2022 based environment. In addition to a comprehensive management experience for Windows Server 2022 workloads, this release of System Center adds support for managing Azure Stack HCI 21H2, 7.0 hosts, and the latest Linux distros. You can create, configure, and register HCI 21H2 clusters, control virtual machines on the HCI clusters, set up SDN controllers, and manage storage pools from VMM. There are new management packs in SCOM for monitoring the Azure Stack HCI clusters. To protect the virtual machines on Stack HCI clusters, Microsoft Azure Backup Server can now be used.”

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