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Microsoft Selling Refurbished Xbox Series X Consoles to Meet High Demand

However, the deal for getting a refurbished Xbox Series X is not a cheap one and you end up paying more than a new console at MSRP.


Considering they are mass-produced devices the rarity of the Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 is amazing. Both consoles continue to be in limited supply 18 months on from their launch. A quick glance on webstores shows some people are selling their consoles for hundreds of dollars over asking price. So, 's decision to sell refurbished consoles may be a popular one.

Microsoft's plan is to cover some of the crazy demand for the Series X by selling certified refurbishments on the Microsoft Store. A brand new Xbox Series X costs $499 at list price, although with demand from official channels low, resellers are offloading devices for as much as $1,000.

According the Store listing, a refurbished model costs $469.99. Yes, that is not much a saving from the list price, but it means you may be able to get your hands on a Series X now without waiting or paying over the odds. However, Microsoft has baked a tricky caveat into this deal. Specifically, the company says customers must buy a digital game with the console.

There is currently a list of around 12 games that you can buy with the refurbished console. Monopoly Plus and Monopoly Madness is the cheapest of those at $27.49. Furthermore, you'll need to buy a controller, with the white Xbox Wireless Controller the cheapest at $54.99. By the way, a new Series X ships with a controller included.

Worth It or Not?

So, by time you buy the digital game, the used Xbox Series X will cost more than a new one. I'll let you decide whether that is a good deal or not. Facts suggest it is frankly an awful deal, but the market conditions and availability of new consoles is a factor that cannot be ignored.

If new Series X devices become more readily available, Microsoft will surely need to rethink the price structure for refurbished consoles. Until then, this may be a good way to get the in-demand console.

By the way, if you are unfamiliar with what a refurbished console is. Essentially, it is a used and/or broken Xbox Series X that has been sent back to Microsoft. The company cleans, tests, and repairs it to its quality control standards and then resells it. Microsoft is adding a standard 12-month warranty to the refurbished devices.

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