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Microsoft Edge Workspaces Return to Canary Channel

Workspaces allows multiple customized tab windows on Microsoft Edge. The feature has made a reappearance in a Canary build.


Last year, started testing a new feature known as Workspaces. It would allow users to rename Edge windows, customizes them, add colors, and switch between windows using the tab line. While that experiment ended when Microsoft removed it from the Canary channel, Workspaces may be making a comeback.

Over on Reddit u/Leopeva64-2 found a similar toggle to Workspaces in a recent Microsoft Edge Canary channel update. Located in the Appearance settings, the toggle allows users to turn on/off the Workspaces button in the Edge toolbar.

If the return of Workspaces follows the same development path of last year's experiment, the button will show on the upper-left corner. It is worth noting while the toggle is available in Appearance settings, it currently does not work.

Even so, the toggle button is visible to anyone running the latest version of Microsoft Edge on the Canary channel. As you may know, Canary updates arrive in waves, so even if you are on the channel, you may not see the update.

Coming Soon?

It is also worth remembering the Canary channel is for unstable and very unfinished builds. What shows up here may again disappear, as previously happened with Workspaces. There is a chance Microsoft is again experimenting and not ready to launch the feature.

So, it is a case of letting this one settle a bit to wait to see what Microsoft does with Workspaces. Whether the feature is coming or not, it is clear the company wants to make Edge a functional browser that can aid productivity.

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Luke Jones
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