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Flutter Developer Salary: Overview and Key Findings


This article was contributed by Hari Babu who works as a part-time writer for various clients.

Flutter is a mobile development framework by , and it's the most popular way to make cross-platform mobile development. It's being used by most of the giant tech companies such as Apple, Google, , Airbnb, Uber, and plenty more. This speaks volumes about Flutter developer salary that even tech giants need top talent to build their apps! But the average salary of Flutter developers ranges a lot, and it depends on many factors.

In this article, we will review the Flutter app developer salary across the world and the factors that form it.

Factors that make up Flutter developer jobs salary

Flutter dart developer salary is very much reliant on a couple of factors we are about to see below. All of them are just as important as the other ones.


Being experienced in Flutter development can lead to higher pay. Experienced developers have a larger toolkit of development skills and knowledge and a better understanding of the process and project flow. An experienced Flutter developer can also code more quickly and produce higher-quality work than their less experienced counterparts.


While your developer's location will determine a great deal about the final price, it doesn't have to choose your budget — or how much you'll spend on development. Just because software developers are in high demand in famous regions like Silicon Valley, Bangalore, and Kyiv doesn't mean they have to cost an arm and leg.


Many people wrongly say that experience matters more than qualifications. It's not like that. You can have 10 different qualifications and have around 1 year of experience in 3-4 frameworks. Being an expert in one area doesn't always come as a winning strategy since things in the IT industry change, and usually, the ones who are fast learners adapt quickly to changes.

The average salary of Flutter developers across the world

Okay, we've seen what makes up a developer's salary, and let's see how they range across the world for the different levels.

Entry-level developer

Flutter app developer salary entry level depends on many factors. A junior developer in Asia usually makes around $25-30,000 per year. Of course, it also matters where you hire them – India, Vietnam, China, or more expensive countries like Japan and South Korea. Eastern European developers make around $40,000. Their Western European counterparts make around $60,000, while US devs make $75,000.

Mid-level developer

For mid-levelers, the journey to becoming a senior is very long. But how do they stand against entry-level devs? In Asia, we expect to see numbers like $50-60,000. Eastern Europeans open a gap here – between $65-80,000 while Western Europeans and US developers hit the 6-digit-mark. Western Europeans make between $100-115k while US developers reach a low $120k.

Senior developers

Senior developers aren't cheap anywhere, but they are an asset for any company. Let's see how they fare across the world. We start from $60,000 in Asia and reach up to $160,000 in the US. But it gets much more interesting in-between. Latin Americans make around $90,000, Eastern Europeans – around $85-95k, and Western Europeans – about $130-140 thousand.

Where to find professionals?

But where to find such professionals? Are they easy to find? Let's see.

Freelance platforms

Freelance platforms are an exciting place to find professional coders looking for temporary work in mobile app and web development. They provide a cheaper alternative to hiring full-time employees but finding reliable developers can be a little tough. That's why you should research the individuals who are interested in working with your company and check their portfolios.


Hiring freelancers to build a Flutter app might be tempting, but the lack of long-term stability may be a deal-breaker for some businesses. Agencies provide a more stable alternative to freelance and in-house development. While they are generally a bit more expensive, the cost is well worth it — agencies can offer a permanent solution to your app's needs.


The average salary of Flutter developer depends on many things. Hiring someone who develops might be up to many factors – starting from the country of location, to the marketplaces where you find them, as well as experience and qualifications.

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