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YouTube Makes 4000 TV Episodes Available for Free

YouTube is celebrating being the largest advertised streaming provider in the US with over 4000 free TV show episodes.


is making a host of TV shows available to its users for free. There are around 4000 full episodes from shows that are now streaming. However, this freebie is only available to customers in the United States.

In an announcement, YouTube and market watchdog Nielson, the biggest video site online was viewed on over 135 million TVs around the US during December 2021. The company says that means YouTube is the “top ad-supported streaming platform with the content people enjoy and the creators they love.”

It seems the -owned website now sees an opportunity to expand its viewership by even more numbers. So, the site is now offering full seasons of popular TV shows. Just like classic terrestrial TV, these will have ads.

Amongst the shows available are Heartland and Hell's Kitchen, alongside dozens more. Yes, it will feel like airplane entertainment with seasons here and there with no complete series. So, you won't be marathoning anything. Even though, there are full individual seasons available and they are free, after-all.

Immersive UI

YouTube is also debuting a new UI that the company says improves viewing and promotes immersions:

“To enhance the viewing experience, we're unveiling brand new streamlined navigation and immersive banner art. The rich visuals and new menus will help you more easily find your favorite TV shows from the comfort of the couch, whether you choose to rent, purchase, or watch for free with ads.”

As for movies, the number of available films for free on the platform has also grown, with over 1500 movies available.

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