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Microsoft and Pasqal Partner on Azure Quantum Neutral Atom Breakthrough

Microsoft through Azure Quantum and Pascal are using cloud connections to create quantum computing through neutral atoms.


's division has collaborated with specialist Pasqal on a partnership that will enhance quantum computing. Together, the companies are delivering cloud-based access to Pasqal's quantum solutions driven by neutral atom architecture.

According to the companies, when the system is finished it will be the first neutral atom quantum computing process on Azure.

“Azure Quantum is a unified, open cloud ecosystem for quantum innovation, empowering customers to achieve impact with a diverse selection of quantum hardware, software, and solutions,” said Distinguished Engineer, VP Quantum Software of Microsoft Dr. Krysta Svore.

“Pasqal's neutral atoms quantum processors are a welcome addition to that ecosystem, providing Azure Quantum users with new computational possibilities, including analog quantum computation, opening up new avenues for pursuing real-world quantum impacts.”

Scalable Results

Neutral atoms – those that host an equal number of neutrons and electrons – are being used to build scalable stack processors. This is important because stack processors provide a higher level of connectivity. Building them at scale is possible because the Azure Quantum and Pasqal project does not use a lot of energy and operates at room temperature.

“Running algorithms on Pasqal's neutral-atom hardware opens the door to unique capabilities no other quantum system offers,” said CEO and founder of Pasqal Georges-Olivier Reymond.

“With the availability of our system via Azure Quantum, we hope to accelerate the quantum programs of the platform's community of quantum developers and researchers and ultimately help them achieve real-world solutions to the world's most critical challenges.”

Pasqal says the partnership can result in a 1000-qubit quantum processor by the end of next year.

Speaking of qubits, Microsoft recently made a breakthrough in developing topological qubits at scale. The company created a new type of qubit (Qbit) that highlights workable physics to show decades-old theories are correct.

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