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Lapsus Group Claims Attacks on Microsoft DevOps Accounts

The Lapsus threat group has been busy with attacks on major companies this year, with Microsoft DevOps the latest to fall victim.


DevOps has reportedly been a target of an ongoing cyberattack from the Lapsus threat group. Posts on sites like Cyber Kendra and Reddit seem to confirm that a breach against accounts has happened.

Lapsus published a screenshot on Telegram before quickly deleting it. Some users were able to grab a screenshot, showing that the group is claiming access to Microsoft DevOps resources. It seems the threat actors purposely pulled the post quickly knowing people would screenshot it. The image was accompanied with the message “deleted for now will reports later.”

In the Lapsus post, the group provides the following list of DevOps resources it claims to have breached:

  • “Bing_STC-SV: Project contains the source code for various Bing engineering projects in the Silicon Valley office
  • Bing_Test_Agile: This is the test project for Bing using the Agile template.
  • Bing_UX: Bing.com frontend (SNR) and other related UX codebase
  • Bing Cubator
  • Bing Source Code: The central project for storing all of Bing Source Code.
  • Compliance_Engineering: WebXT Compliance Engineering team project.
  • Cortana: The main Cortana project, its related code, and work items.
  • Creative Authoring”


Importantly, it seems the image only shows a small part of a whole page. In other words, it is likely many more resources are compromised and Lapsus is just giving a snapshot. Microsoft has yet to comment on the claims.

Lapsus has already been responsible for numerous breaches this year, such as against Vodafone and Samsung. Earlier this month, the group leaked a possible source code for the NVIDIA DLSS feature following a week-long .

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