Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft has been steadily improving its Xbox Cloud Gaming service for players, including keyboard and mouse support earlier this month. In the latest tweak, the company is making improvements to the cloud-based game streaming service on iOS.

In an official Xbox blog post, Microsoft describes how it has taken feedback from users of Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS. Using that information, the company is making enhancements for the service on iPhone and iPad devices.

Microsoft does not say what the specifics of the enhancements are, but it seems just general all-round improvements. According to the company, the result is players are giving higher engagement with playtimes up 35% compared to before.

If you’re thinking this is very vague, I agree. However, this is the information Microsoft is giving and it amounts to: Improvements for Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS, those improvements are good and are working.

Any Difference?

To see the mysterious enhancements in action, grab your iPhone or iPad and head to through the Safari browser. Sing into your Microsoft Account. The company says to see the improvements, pin the site to your home screen.

Ok, is this just a trick for Microsoft to get users to put the service on their homepage? Let us know below if you see any difference in your Xbox Cloud Gaming experience on iOS following these apparent enhancements.

Earlier this month, Microsoft brought mouse and keyboard support to its cloud gaming service. That adds a bit of PC gaming sophistication to the platform, even though support is not available for all games.

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