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Microsoft Announces Details of Latest Quarterly Dividend

Microsoft quarterly dividends highlight the ongoing success of the company, with shareholders getting $0.62 per share.


's re-emergence under the stewardship of CEO is no longer a trend or flash in the pan. The company's ongoing blazing success is simply a new norm where revenues are huge, profit margins are wide, and divisions thrive… all besting analyst predictions. This week, the Redmond giant has announced its latest profit redistribution through a Microsoft quarterly dividend.

In a brief note on its website, the Microsoft quarterly dividend from the board of directors is $0.62 per share.

The company has also set timelines for when shareholders can expect their dividend payment. Specifically, the ex-dividend date is May 18, 2022, while shareholders of record will get the dividend on May 19, 2022. As for remaining shareholders, their dividend is payable by June 9, 2022.

Since taking the helm of Microsoft in 2014, CEO Satya Nadella has steered the company on a course of cloud-first and mobile-first. The strategy moved Microsoft from a muddled approach of trying to balance consumer and enterprise products the company had previously been on.


Sure, Microsoft is almost dead in the water as a consumer brand these days. However, the company's enterprise and cloud services have grown and grown. It is also worth noting Xbox continues to highlight Microsoft's potential as a consumer brand in hardware and software. On the other hand, devices like the Surface Duo highlight why that potential may not be enough.

Either way, Microsoft remains a solid option for investors. I have given up trying to suggest the Microsoft bubble will burst, and it seems the company has simply moved to another level.

For example, for its fiscal first quarter last year, Microsoft announced 22% growth from revenue of $44 billion. That is just one quarter, but the story is the same quarter-after-quarter and now year-after-year. Growth, massive revenues, and healthy profits.  

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Luke Jones
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