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Essential Windows 11 Tips for Students and Teachers


This article was contributed by Laura C. Fields, a content writer at Bestessayservicesradar.

Whether you'd be browsing online for best writing services, editing videos, writing papers, searching for educational resources, or doing some other activity, sure has something new and valuable to offer. The newly launched Windows OS provides both students and teachers with countless opportunities to enter novel lands of educational experience.

With the world of learning becoming more and more digitalized, having the tools at hand certainly proves to be of huge importance. But we need not only such things at our disposal but also the knowledge of how to use them. This is why here we present you with Essential Windows 11 Tips for Students and Teachers.

Multitask Layouts

company has been using the idea of snap and resize feature for a long time now, ever since they launched Windows 7 back in the old days. But today they level it up a notch and present us with Snap Layouts in their Windows 11 edition. Now you can hover the cursor over the Maximize button on various apps that support that function and there you'd see a specific menu of options for the layout of the page. You'd be able to see various formation options and you'd be given the opportunity to move the apps wherever you need them.


Windows 11 has a built in . That particular program is made for free messages, as well as free calling sessions and videoconferences. The taskbar has a Chat icon from which you can start video calls and chats. Now it's even easier to get into group learning session with the even smoother access to Microsoft Teams. Contacts can be synced through the mobile app. If the contacts in your phone don't have Teams, you can send them invites. SMS conversations and video chat inclusion via a web link are also supported.

Focus Sessions

When you are learning or teaching on your laptop, this can prove to be quite a distracting . But Windows 11 has found a way to deal with that – through the Focus Session. This allows you to set up time during which you desire to achieve deep and uninterrupted focus. It can be accessed through the Alarms & Clock App. With it you'd get at least 30 minutes of work time that is not interrupted by distractions. Should you schedule for more than 45 minutes, the App will present you with an automatic midway point five-minute break.

Secret Start Menu

Or not so secret, actually. But you've probably not used such a method before with Windows. That is essentially a second Start menu from which you can gain an easier access to various important tools, functions, and others, such as Control Panel, Command Prompt, or . You can gain access to that secret-but-not-quite-so-menu via two various means. One, you can press the Windows key + X. Then two, through right click on the Start button/Windows icon.

Screenshot Taking

As many of the students know, nothing makes for easier notetaking than capturing a screenshot. Sometimes you need that quick functionality to be able to save everything you'd need for later review. With Windows 11 that is easier than ever. One of the ways to do so is via Windows key + Print Screen key. This combination takes a screenshot of the entire screen and saves it in Pictures > Screenshots. Then there is another way around to do that. It's especially useful if you wish to capture just some part of the screen, such as the lecture slide on your Teams meeting. To do so, press Windows key + Shift + S. This opens up the Snip & Sketch tool. With it you can click and drag, and voila, just like that you have a screenshot saved at Clipboard. Then you need to save it, of course.

Pin Apps

If you have certain apps that you are using most often, which you certainly do, then you can pin them to the Start menu or the taskbar. This will allow you to access them more easily during your teaching sessions or study time. To do so, you need to start with clicking on the Start button. Then find where is the shortcut for the particular app you want to pin. After you find it, right-click it. You'd see a menu appearing. Select Pin to taskbar or Pin to Start – depending on your preferences.

Quick Launch of Pinned Apps

Now when you have apps pinned to the taskbar, you can easily access them but you can also take it one step further, thanks to the new option in Windows 11. That is the following combination – Windows + [the number of the app you want to open]. For instance, if you want to open the app which icon is located on the third position in the taskbar, press Windows + 3. If you want to open the one on the first position, press Windows + 1, and so on.

Sound Enhancement

When you are studying or teaching remotely, you'd definitely want to make use of a better sound system. This is true for both headphones and speakers. In Windows 11 you can definitely achieve that. To start with, right-click the volume icon that is found on the taskbar. Then go to Sound settings. Now locate the audio device that you are currently using. Click on the arrow next to it and scroll down until you reach Enhance audio. There will be a toggle there and you need to move it to the On option.

Voice Typing

For faster input of text into documents, you can use voice typing through Windows + H. This is extremely useful for students, especially when they are preparing large text assignments. So, next time you are doing some edits on the paper that's been done by a term paper writing service, you'd really have an easier time.


Sure, Windows 11 has quite a lot to offer to both students and teachers alike. It comes with major changes and improvements in both looks and functionality. So, if you are using this OS, you can certainly make use of our essential top Windows 11 tips laid out above. We hope we were helpful for your educational journey.

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