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The Best Apps to Learn Business Spanish


This article was contributed by Ryan Pell who is a content editor and internet researcher at Preply.

Do you have a dream to one day say “¡Yo hablo Español!” and join the 577 million people around the world who speak Spanish?

Perhaps you don't have the time or money for an entire Spanish course and are looking for something more flexible to learn? Maybe you want to learn Spanish on the road, take a quick lesson at lunchtime, on the bus, or right before bed? If that sounds like you, learning Spanish with apps is the perfect solution! To find the best app for learning business Spanish, check out our detailed descriptions below.


Launched in 2011, Duolingo has over 300 million users worldwide (2020) and is the most downloaded educational app of all time. You can learn more than thirty different languages ​​with their app. A user-friendly interface and a fun system make it a good starter app for novice users. Beginners get access to a large amount of vocabulary on various topics. The wide range of levels makes it useful for intermediate learners as well. With different exercises, you can learn how to build the correct phrases in Spanish.

Duolingo has launched a new feature that allows you to complete short stories on various topics. You must complete small tasks that test your understanding of the story. Ше is a new way to learn in a app.


Memrise is a language lexicon app. Each lesson helps to learn about 15 words, and with consistent study, you can build a vast vocabulary potential. Memrise makes learning a game similar to Duolingo. Memrise shows the words as part of a complete sentence, making it more fun than a monotonous dictionary. The uniqueness of Memrise lies in the variety of courses; you can even create your system.

Mini videos with native speakers in various settings and funny situations are fun to watch. The application allows you to expand your understanding and get to know different accents in Spanish. You may have already experienced how Spanish can differ depending on the location – heading on vacation to South America? Or mainland Spain? Memrise has provided for everything.


Busuu is an excellent option between paid and free apps. The app includes comprehensive grammar lessons with beneficial exercises that can help beginners get a solid foundation for good Spanish grammar and potentially help intermediate learners reach their next level of Spanish.

Busuu uses a wide range of images and audio files to help expand vocabulary. It has many valuable resources for understanding the text, allowing you to focus on the dialogues for getting to know the language.

It also offers the possibility to interact with other users and native speakers so you can share and proofread your writing exercises. The level of language learning varies from A1 to B2.

Mosa Lingua

MosaLingua ranks well when it comes to Spanish learning apps. Much of the success lies in the structure. There are many categories, varieties, and levels, from beginner to advanced.

Depending on your learning style, this app can be very effective. A standout feature is flashcards, the SRS (Spaced Repetition System) method – Spaced Repetition System. Sounds cosmic.

The application has a built-in list of flashcards you can choose from that will allow you to progress and keep learning while increasing your long-term memory of the proper words and phrases you want to know. These cards contain audio recordings made by native speakers to help you pronounce the words correctly. In addition, it is possible to view and study the Spanish grammar rules if you want to get further clarifications.


As you can see, so many applications can help you build your basics in Spanish. You can boost your spoken language skills, improve your reading and writing skills, and learn more about the language, all of which support your learning process.

But if you feel that these applications are not deep enough or lack structure and grammar explanations, you should consider switching to online Spanish courses. We've also selected the best online Spanish lessons, so you don't get lost in your search.

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