In recent years, Microsoft has acquired several cybersecurity companies to bolster its Microsoft Defender and other security services. Last month, a report in Bloomberg claimed security firm Mandiant is the next target for Microsoft’s acquisitions team. However, it now seems the company will face competition from Google.

A new report from The Information points to Google also entering discussions to purchase Mandiant. It is worth noting Microsoft’s interest is thought to have already reached advanced talks, although no offer has been made.

It is unclear if Microsoft has chosen to walk away, or whether Google sees a window of opportunity to table its own interest. That could mean two major tech rivals competing in a bidding war. Of course, that can only mean good news for Mandiant.

As you might expect, neither Microsoft nor Google are commenting on any part of this story. It is clear both companies have heavy investments in cybersecurity and folding Mandiant into their services will bolster them further against attacks.

Different Reasons

However, the reasoning behind Microsoft and Google’s interest seems to differ. Google reportedly wants Mandiant to enhance cloud security. As for Microsoft, the company is believed to want to remove Mandiant from SentinelOne, which is a rival to Microsoft Defender.

If you’re not an expert on the names of cybersecurity firms and wondering how you know the name Mandiant… it is the company that discovered the infamous SolarWinds exploit.

SolarWinds related attacks saw 18,000 organizations download the SUNBURST Malware, Although, less than 100 were infected. In December 2020, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) debuted a PowerShell tool to help Microsoft 365 customers mitigate Solarigate.

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