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Microsoft Reaffirms App Assure Committment to Improve Windows 11 Apps

Microsoft is telling Windows 11 developers that the App Assure program can still help them transition Windows 10 apps.


has this week published a post reminding everyone its App Assure program is alive and well on . This means developers can check compatibility and make steps to make their apps work on Microsoft's new OS.

First announced in 2018 and then released in 2019 as support for Windows 7 came to a close, App Assure was originally to bring Win7 apps up to speed on Windows 10.

When Microsoft transitions from one OS to the next, in this case Windows 10 to 11, some apps are not compatible with the new software. App Assure is a compatibility assistance solution that allows developers to work directly with Microsoft engineers to solve issues with bugs and other compatibility problems.

Still Around

Those will compatibility issues will be prioritized via the FastTrack program. As App Assure is the kind of program that goes silent in-between new OS launches or end of support, Microsoft is reminding developers it is still available:

“Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, App Assure can provide application compatibility assistance and help you feel confident upgrading your devices to Windows 11. As part of Microsoft's commitment to app compatibility, the goal is that all of your apps simply work after the upgrade to Windows 11, with no changes required. If you do encounter a compatibility issue on Windows 11, though, App Assure engineers will work with you to help resolve the issue in addition to working with engineering teams to find and fix the root cause.”

App Assure for Windows 11 was first confirmed in October 2021, shortly after the launch of the OS. It is probable a vast majority of Windows 10 apps are compatible with Windows 11. When Microsoft handled Windows 7 apps moving to Windows 10, the company said only 41 apps needed App Assure assistance.

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