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Microsoft Store Windows 11 Revamp Could Be Coming Soon

The all-new Microsoft Store is about to get… newer. Microsoft is seemingly planning a design revamp to fit Windows 11.


One of the big parts of the launch last year was the new Microsoft Store. Not just a design overhaul to match the Windows 11 aesthetic, this was a whole new store experience. also brought it to Windows 10. However, it seems the company is already looking to revamp the design of the new .

According to reports, the new Microsoft Store can be seen on apps.microsoft.com. The page comes with the name “ Preview” which fits into the current naming convention of Windows Apps in the current store.

Of course, the obvious question is why would Microsoft be updating the store design just months after launching an all-new experience. Well, Windows 11 is the answer. While the new Microsoft Store made some aesthetic changes, it was not a complete sync with the Flow design of Windows 11.

So, while the functionality of the new store will remain the same, Microsoft is finishing the design overhaul to be more seamless in Windows 11. This is evident in the image on apps.microsoft.com, which shows the rounder corners and simpler icons of the new Windows OS.

Updating the Store

The new page is titled “Windows Apps Preview”, which is in line with the naming convention of the current experience which is dubbed “Windows Apps” and doesn't include the “Preview” text, obviously. The updated page serves the same goal of offering an online portal that you can use to explore content when you don't have access to a device that has the Microsoft Store installed.

When Microsoft unveiled the new Store last year, the company described it as a universal app marketplace.

developers can use their own content delivery networks. Also for dev's, it is now possible to use third-party commerce tools. Microsoft says these developers can keep 100% of the revenue they get from their apps. This is clearly a direct hit against , which Microsoft has criticized for its revenue practices with the App Store.

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