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Microsoft Resumes Azure Sphere Updates following January Cancellation

Following a cancelled update last month, Microsoft is back with Azure Sphere 22.02, which makes several important changes.


is now rolling out 22.02, bringing the service back onto monthly updates. You may remember Microsoft took the rare decision to completely cancel version 22.01 last month. With the new release, Microsoft is back on track and making some changes to the security platform.

The tool is designed to enhance security around Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Azure Sphere is comprised of Microsoft microcontrollers alongside Sphere Linux-based OS and a Sphere cloud security service. Microcontrollers (MCUs) are small computers made of a single chip that have IoT capabilities with CPUs, storage, and memory.

With the lunch of version 22.02, Microsoft is updating the Azure Sphere SDK for Windows and Linux, as well as extensions for Visual Studio, and the overall Azure Sphere OS. To get the release, your device just needs to be connected to the internet. Microsoft will send a prompt, or you can start the install of the SDK when you want.


Starting with Azure Sphere OS, there is an update for Linux Kernel, bringing it to version 5.10.70. Sphere SDK adds support for will also improving time support for 64-bit and changes to the logging of the CLI.

Speaking of Azure Sphere CLI, it does not write log files to local disks by default anymore. Instead, it works through the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) instead of Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL).

Microsoft is also adding an extension for Visual Studio 2022 to go alongside the existing Visual Studio 2019 support. As for the Visual Studio Code and standard VS, Sphere is getting the following new abilities:

  • “Configure Wi-Fi in Azure Sphere Explorer
  • View deployment history in Azure Sphere Explorer
  • Open disassembly view in Visual Studio Code while debugging”

To see the full changelog for Azure Sphere 22.02, head to Microsoft's official page here.

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