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How to Strikethrough or Cross-out Text on Google Docs

We show you how to cross out text in Google Docs with the strikethrough function and shortcut.


The strikethrough function in Docs is underutilized but often quite useful. It allows a writer or editor to cross out text they aren't happy with but retain the original draft. Though not as advanced as the “suggested edits” tool, strikethrough in can be used more casually for lists and even utilized for comedic effect.

We'll be showing you how to strikethrough on Google Docs using two methods: its menu functions and a strikethrough shortcut. Using either will get you the exact same result, so it all depends on your preference and memory.

How to Cross Out Text in Google Docs with the Strikethrough Menu Function

If you can't remember the shortcut or prefer to navigate via mouse or touch, using the menu is the best way to access the Google Doc strikethrough function. Here's how to do it:

  1. Highlight your text and press “Format > Text > Strike-though” in the menu bar

    Windows 11 - Google Docs - Format - Text - Strikethrough

  2. The strikethrough will instantly apply to your selected text

    Windows 11 - Google Docs - Format - Text - Strikethrough - Result

How to Use the Strikethrough Keyboard Shortcut in Google Docs

If you prefer to get things done a bit faster, you can use a Google Docs strikethrough shortcut to get the job done. There are two available to you depending on your preference:

  1. Select the text and press “Shift + Alt + 5”

    This is the shortcut you'll see suggested in the Google Docs menu.

    Windows 11 - Google Docs - Select Text - Keyboard Cmd

  2. OR: Press “Ctrl + \”

    Windows 11 - Google Docs - Keyboard Cmd

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