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The Best Photo Editors for Windows 11

These applications will be a great choice whether you are a mere beginner or a seasoned pro.


This article was contributed by Harper Johnson, a feature writer and web designer at AGIMA.

has only recently entered our lives, but it has already become the go-to operating system for many users. Congrats if you are one of those. However, if you are into photography, independent from your level of expertise, you might have trouble finding the perfect photo editor that would run on the newest Windows version.

To make your photo editing routine a bit easier, we have compiled a short but robust list of the best photo editing software for Windows 11. Mind you, there will be no place for overly popular programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, or GIMP. It's safe to assume that you know these programs well. Instead, we will show you a few interesting alternatives that are worthy of your attention.

These applications will be a great choice whether you are a mere beginner or a seasoned pro. So, let's not linger any longer and take a look at the 4 photo programs for Windows 11 you might want to check out.

1. PhotoWorks


If you like the Adobe products but wish they are a lot more affordable in terms of price and usability, then consider going with PhotoWorks. This AI-powered software has all the tools that you find within advanced photo editors, but they are all wrapped into a very user-friendly workflow. All while PhotoWorks heavily relies on neural networks, it still offers manual tools. 

With this software for Windows 11, you can perform basic photo manipulations like color correction, exposure and sharpness adjustments, cropping, etc. Besides, the photo editor offers you more advanced tools for easy odd objects removal, photo background change, local adjustments, and color boosting. There is the batch processing feature that lets you enhance, watermark, and stylize dozens of images at once.

PhotoWorks truly shines when it comes to portrait retouching. The software has a smart beautifying module that lets you fix portraits with ready-made presets and manually. You can automatically get rid of skin blemishes, whiten the teeth, add a little tan, or erase dark eye circles. There are also face and body editing features that you can use to tweak your model's appearance. 

Photo filters aficionados will love PhotoWorks' library of built-in effects. There are over 200 options, from HRD or Color Splash, from vintage to old photo film imitations. You can change the whole look of your image with a single click. Despite being feature-rich, PhotoWorks is relatively affordable and works well even on slower computers and laptops. 

2. Luminar AI

If you need an even heavier lean towards artificial intelligence in your photo editing, then the aptly named Luminar AI is for you. This photo software for Windows 11 comes with a library of templates that can transform your images in a click. These are basically just presets filled with a certain atmosphere and vibe that both enhance and stylize your photos. If you want to take control over editing, you can make use of the manual tools that are present as well – color balance, exposure, cropping, etc. 

Luminar AI is also praised for its artistic AI-driven tools that you can use for spectacular sky replacement or realistic fog or mist application. When it comes to portrait retouching, this software allows you to perform basic manipulations like blemishes removal, skin smoothing, and face slimming. 

This photo editing software can be used standalone and as a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom. While it certainly makes photo editing easy and swift, you need a powerful computer to use Luminar AI to its full potential.

3. Photolemur

Photolemur is arguably the easiest photo editing software for Windows 11 you can find. It has a super easy workflow. All you need to do is to open your photo within the software, wait a few minutes for the program to analyze the image, and come up with an enhancing solution – and voilà! Photolemur's advanced AI fixes your photo's exposure, dynamic range, colors, any optic distortions, and even retouches the portrait a bit. 

If you have multiple images to take care of, you'll like the batch editing feature. The changes that Photolemur brings to your photos are justified and the end results usually look impressive, still the software provides no manual tools for you to control the changes, should you wish to.

All in all, this Windows 11 photo editor is a daily robust photo editor. It is praised for its simplistic workflow but scolded for its value for money. 

4. PhotoScape 

PhotoScape is several tools wrapped into one, with the primary emphasis on photo editing. Apart from that, this software also serves as an image viewer, GIF and collage creator, and a screen capture tool. But since we are now tackling Windows 11 photo editors, let's dissect this software from this perspective. 

PhotoScape comes with all the essential tools a beginner might need. With it, you can correct the color balance, slightly retouch portraits, and stylize your shots with built-in filters. The software also offers batch processing and photo restoration modules. 

PhotoScape does not require a steep learning curve to master. It has a clear, albeit outdated interface and is distributed free of charge. However, the free version's toolkit is considerably limited. If you want the fullest version of the photo editor, you have to pay. 

And this has been our top 4 of the best photo editors for Windows 11. We have deliberately chosen slightly different applications in terms of skills required, price and functionality. With that, you will be able to find the photo editor that would suit your needs and aspirations. We hope this roundup was useful for you, and we wish you luck in your photo editing endeavors.

About the author

Harper Johnson is a feature writer and web designer at AGIMA. Closely follows the news in the field of photo/video processing to share her opinion with non-professionals.