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Report: Microsoft Halts HoloLens 3 Development

Sources say Microsoft is ditching HoloLens 3 in favor of a Samsung partnership, but the company denies the claims.


One of the current tech buzzwords is the , where the world of commerce, entertainment, and productivity will come together in the virtual space. Company's like are all in on this concept, rebranding itself as Meta. So, what about , what are its plans? Well, whatever they are, they seemingly won't include a HoloLens 3.

Microsoft's HoloLens headset is currently on its second generation. Along with Windows Mixed Reality, it is likely the device will form a major part of the company's Metaverse plans. However, a report from Business Insider suggests Microsoft is scrapping plans to create a HoloLens 3.

Previous reports suggested the company was already developing the third generation of its augmented reality headset. The new report throws that rumor into doubt and explains Microsoft's mixed reality division is currently in disarray.

Although, there are also conflicting reports from sources within Microsoft. Some say HoloLens 3 is dead while others suggest that it is still in development. For the accounts of Microsoft cancelling the device, sources say the company will instead partner with to develop new head mounted devices (HMDs).


For what it's worth, Microsoft is also denying the claim:

remains a critical part of our plans for emerging categories like mixed reality and the metaverse,” Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw says. “We remain committed to HoloLens and future HoloLens development.”

Even so, Business Insider's investigation took in 20 people who are part of the HoloLens team. Those sources say there is a lot of debate in the division about what areas of the Metaverse Microsoft should focus on.

It could be that Microsoft wants to push more towards the consumer side of the market. HoloLens is a technological marvel, but it is also an expensive enterprise-focused devices. The Metaverse could be for everyone, so Microsoft may want hardware that appeals to a wider consumer base.

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