We have seen in recent months how Microsoft is trying to integrate Twitch more into the Xbox console experience. In its latest move, the company is bringing back a tool previously enjoyed by users before it was removed. Specifically, users can now live stream and use Twitch from the Xbox guide.

“We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to bring back this fan favorite feature, re-engineered, and better than ever,” Microsoft says.

This has been available since February 23 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. To access Twitch on the Xbox guide, head to the “Capture and Share” tab and select “Live streaming” from the list of options.

There is a QR code that works with iOS and Android to link your Twitch account to the Xbox. On a PC, simply head to the given URL to link your account and sign in. Once your account is linked, select Twitch and the “Go live now” option.

As well as bringing back this feature, Microsoft is also adding several ways to manage streams. For example, bitrate, resolution, mic, game, and audio configurations. When watching a stream, vieers can watch on any device, while other users on Xbox can receive notifications about your streams.

Dashboard Integration

Back in October, Microsoft brought Twitch streaming back to the Xbox Dashboard after an absence of a few years.

You may remember Twitch was first made available on the dashboard for the Xbox One in 2014. It then disappeared from the dashboard, although the Twitch app remained. Now, the service is once again becoming available for streaming directly on the dashboard.

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