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Microsoft 365 Aims to Take the Nuance from the Workplace

Microsoft 365 is cutting the Communication Compliance detection to investigation time from 24 hours to just 1 hour.


There's no doubt mistakes happen in the enterprise workplace, and one key skill someone can have is being able to deal with those mistakes quickly. Not every error needs to go to top brass for assessment, some mistakes can be dealt with. Whether you call that covering up or simply handling a problem proactively, 365 is trying to shut you down.

In the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the company says it is reducing the timeframe from detecting a policy breach to investigation.

compliance center: Communication Compliance. Reduce detection to investigation time from 24 hours to 1 hour.”

Ouch, it seems Microsoft wants to look good but is ignoring the fact that not every mistake is worthy of investigation, cancelling, or firing. Still, the company is doubling down:

“This feature will reduce the detection to investigation time to under an hour, allowing your organization to respond promptly to policy violations.”

Not only does this move put more pressure on enterprise workers, but it also removes their ability to damage control when they make an error. Unfortunately, we are not perfect, and breach of policy is something that happens regularly.

Thou Shalt Not Sin

Sure, there are times when an error is not really that, such as being purposely offensive. Other times a mistake may need more urgent attention, such as something that could cause a security breach. There are times when speech can truly cause offence, and these moments need to be controlled and stepped on.

It is hard to dictate the boundaries for that and often times these policy breaches are errors in judgement and not reflective of a person. Also, often times these issues can be dealt with in the moment without needing to involve higher ups.

Look, I get there needs to be more support and the knowledge that help is there when needed. However, the previous 24 hour timeframe in Microsoft 365 was a sweet spot. One hour removes the chance for people to think for themselves and try to limit the damage they caused.

Microsoft disagrees and says the key to solving issues smoothly is communication, ignoring the fact that reporting to higher ups often ends the communication stream:

“Communication Compliance helps organizations detect explicit code of conduct and regulatory compliance violations, such as harassing or threatening , sharing of adult content, and inappropriate sharing of sensitive information.”

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