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Image Background Removal Tool: How To Remove Backgrounds on Images in Seconds


This article was contributed by Annabelle Shane, a professional writer for Depositphotos.

When you’re trying to brighten up your photos but the background is too dark and it’s hard to take a photo without the background getting in the way. There is an easy way to remove backgrounds on images in seconds. All you need is a graphic app like Photoshop or an online tool of Depositphotos.com. This guide will walk you through step-by-step how to use the tool to remove backgrounds from your photos, saving you time and energy.

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What Is the Image Background Removal Tool?

The Image Background Removal Tool is a tool that helps to remove backgrounds from your photos in seconds. It can be accessed by anyone who has Photoshop installed on their computer. The tool will help you remove backgrounds from your pictures and make them look much brighter.

You can use the tool to remove backgrounds while you’re taking photos or editing images in Photoshop. You’ll have to open the tool in Photoshop first, though, and then just follow the instructions given to you on-screen and select the image you want to work on.

The Image Background Removal Tool works with a lot of different types of images, but it won’t work well with too many colors or textures, which means if it’s a photo of something like cotton candy or granite that’s got too much detail, this tool won’t do as good of a job at removing the background as it does for simpler backgrounds like white walls or wood floors.

How to Use the Image Background Removal Tool

To use the tool, all you need to do is first download it from the link below and then open it. Then simply drag the image you want to remove onto the interface. A prompt will appear asking you where you want to place the background on your photo. You need to point and click on an area near where the background should be removed.

A preview of your photo with a lightened background will appear and if you’re satisfied, select “ok” to proceed. The tool will then remove the background from your photo within seconds and save your edited picture onto a new layer on top of your original image.

What are some benefits of using this tool?

The tool is easy to use and it removes backgrounds with just one click. This can save you time and energy, which can be helpful for working professionals who don’t have a lot of time to do photo editing. In addition, the tool has a variety of different filters that you can use to edit your photos. There are also different effects like black and white or sepia that you can use as well.


Background removal tool is a free online application that helps you quickly and easily remove backgrounds from images.

Try it for yourself and share your results with your friends!

The Image Background Removal Tool can help you remove backgrounds in seconds. Start by uploading an image, or find a file on your computer, and press the “Remove Background” button. You can also adjust the levels, or go back and adjust the levels after the background is removed. If you’re not satisfied with your results, try adjusting the levels again and try again.

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