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Windows 11: The Operating System for Hybrid Work and Learning


This article was contributed by Cory Shilling, a professional writer for academic paper services.

was rolled out on October 5, 2021, which is the most major upgrade has done in recent years. Windows 10 users will download it for free, although it's not compatible with every device. The main reason for developing Windows 11 is security. Its major setback is that it can only work with the latest Intel versions – 8th generation or higher. 

The latest Windows version comes with fresh multitasking features, although they do not support Android applications as promised. If your device is compatible, Windows 11 will prompt you to upgrade, but if it's not, you will not be prompted. 

The new cool features in Windows 11

Windows 10 has limited features for virtual desktops, but Windows 11 brings the feature to full blast. The desktop menu has been added in the taskbar but if you want to use shortcuts, just press Alt – Win to navigate through the virtual desktops the same way you would navigate by pressing alt+tab.

Homework became even faster

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An enhanced interface

Windows 10 had interface features that looked as if they were out of place. The new design has corrected this and created an engaging interface. If you right-click on the file explorer, a context menu will open, but you will notice the features like the paste, rename, cut, and copy are now in a separate smaller folder. This makes the file explorer cleaner and manageable. 

Enhanced monitor support

Users who love to connect their laptops to a separate monitor can testify that Windows on the main computer get resized once the computer is disconnected from the operating monitor. With Windows 11, this problem is no longer there.

Advantage of upgrading to Windows 11

Beautiful design

Unlike Windows 10, the brand-new Windows 11 has a very beautiful design. Its design has features that closely compare with macOS features. The design has rounded corners mixed with some shades. The start menu is no longer on the leftmost corner, but it has moved to the center of the screen. If you feel comfortable with the menu being to the left, you can still move it there. 

Compatibility with Android apps

Windows 10 does not support Android applications. Users cannot open their Android files on Windows 10. Windows 11 has changed all that. Users can now open their Android apps on Windows and continue to enjoy the experience. The feature is not yet fully operational, but it will be fully released soon. 

Microsoft Teams

In Windows 11, the Microsoft Teams feature for video calling teams is now on the taskbar. It makes it easier to access and connect with teams in an instant. There is more good news because users will access their teams from several such as Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows. 

Better gaming experience

For gamers, Windows 11 has the right features for you. It has added some tech Xbox features for gamers. These are the exact features found in Xbox consoles. Gamers might no longer require consoles to get maximum gaming experience. 

An all-rounded entertainment operating system

Windows 11 is not built only for work teams, for communicating, or for Microsoft operations. These are great features, but the version has more to offer. It is also an all-around entertainment system. It is compatible with tens to hundreds of entertainment applications. Users can install music playing/streaming apps, movie streaming apps, and above all, video gaming apps. 


Microsoft's latest operating system was released in October 2021. It is an advanced operating system offered for free by Microsoft. Unfortunately, Windows 11 is not compatible with all Intel processors. Device owners with the 8th generation and above will be able to upgrade to Windows 11, but those with lower generations will have to upgrade their gadgets to be able to use the new OS. It has the most advanced features such as enhanced touchscreen support, Xbox gaming feature, Microsoft Teams of the taskbar, and Android integration feature. 

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