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How to Wrap Text in Excel (Automatically and Manually)

We show you how to wrap text in Excel, using both Excel line breaks and its automatic word wrap functionality.


Knowing how to wrap text in Excel is important so that your spreadsheet doesn't get any wider than it needs to be. The wrap text function in Excel lets you break text into multiple lines, therefore increasing the length of your cell.

How to put multiple lines in Excel cells

There are two ways to word wrap in Excel: you can format your cell so it wraps automatically when the edge of the cell is reached, or you can use a manual line break to split it at your choosing.

We're going to show you both methods today so that you can use whatever best suits your scenario. Let's start:

How to Wrap Text in Excel Automatically

The cells in Excel don't typically text wrap by default. Instead, you'll have to enable Excel word wrap for the text. How do you wrap text in Excel? By following the steps below:

  1. How to make the column wider to fit your text

    If you just want your text to fit inside your column, you don't need to line wrap. Instead, you can just double-click the separator of its column to expand its cell to fit.

    01.1 Windows 11 - Excel - Select Column - Double Click on Separator


  2. Your text will fit snugly inside its cell


    01.2 Windows 11 - Excel - Select Column - Double Click on Separator - Result


  3. How to wrap text in Excel

    If you want to wrap text in the selected cell instead, just press “Wrap Text” under the alignment heading of your ribbon.

    You can alternatively press the shortcut to wrap text in Excel, which is Alt + H + W.

    Windows 11 - Excel - Click on Cell - Home - Alignment - Wrap Text

  4. Adjust the place your Excel word wrap starts by dragging the column seperator

    If you want your text to wrap at a different word, just click and drag its column separator until it fits how you want.

  5. Remove any excess space by double-clicking its row separator


  6. The cell height will automatically adjust to fit the text

    Windows 11 - Excel - Click on Cell - Home - Alignment - Wrap Text - Increase Cell to the Right - Adjust the Row - Result

  7. How to change the alignment of wrapped text

    By default, wrapped text is aligned to the bottom of its cell. If you don't want it this way, you can select the cell and press the align to top button under the “Alignment” heading/button.

  8. Your text will stick to the top instead


    Windows 11 - Excel - Click on Cell - Home - Alignment - Top Align - Result

How to Word Wrap in Excel with a Manual Line Break

Text wrapping in Excel can also be performed manually. By adding an Excel line break, you're able to choose exactly where your text will split and save yourself a lot of fiddling around afterward. Here's how to add a line break in Excel in a few seconds: 

  1. Double-click cell, place your cursor where you want to split, and press Alt + Enter


    Windows 11 - Excel - Click on Cell - Manual Line Break


  2. Excel will split your text on to two lines at wherever the cursor was placed

    You can do this multiple times if you want the text to span across several lines.

Windows 11 - Excel - Click on Cell - Manual Line Break - Result

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Windows 11 - Excel - Format Cells - Protection - Check Locked - Accept

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