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TONOR TC-777 USB Condenser Mic: Great Audio Quality with Appealing Price

Whether you need a quality mic for meetings, recording, or streaming, the TONOR TC-777 does a good job. It has sound reproduction quality that compares to microphones three times its cost. As entry-level mic’s go, the TC-777 is hard to beat.


Gone are the days when a pro-level microphone was only for professionals. Shifting work and communication habits following the COVID-19 pandemic mean having a quality mic is a solid investment for home-work setups, personal communication, recording, and streaming. TONOR’s TC-777 microphone is one option that has plenty of appeal for any of these scenarios.

Customers are often torn between two extremes when selecting a microphone. There are professional recording-grade mic’s that cost hundreds of dollars, or cheap mic’s that lack overall quality. With the TONOR TC-777, you can have the best of both worlds.

This is an affordable USB microphone that also has enough quality to work in a business/recording environment. While there are some compromises, its blend of affordability and features the TC-777 a solid choice for your next microphone.

What Is The TONOR TC-777

The TC-777 is a USB microphone with an entry-level price but enough features to make it interesting to even pro-level users. Even so, it is best suited to plug-and-play general purpose users. It should be near the top of your shopping list if you need a good microphone setup without spending too much money.

Out Of The Box

  • The microphone
  • Tripod stand
  • Shock mount with pop filter
  • Foam cover
  • User manual
  • Service card

TONOR TC-777 USB Condenser microphone components and size


  • Frequency Response: 100Hz – 16KHz
  • Sampling Rate: 44.1KHz/16Bit
  • Sensitivity: 38dB±3dB
  • Polar Pattern: Cardoid
  • Mic Height (in Shock Mount): 10 inches
  • Total Weight: 11.6 ounces
  • USB Cable: 60 inches
  • Port: USB-A 2.0

Design Features

At first glance, the plastic construction of the TC-777 gives away the fact this is not a high-end mic. However, the lack of premium materials is hardly noticeable as TONOR’s mic feels strong and sturdy. There is nothing in the plastic design that suggests this is a vulnerable product… in fact, it feels lightweight and strong.

It also has metal in the right places, such as the grille, stand legs, and gooseneck pop-filter arm. Complete with a cobalt blue color, the TC-777 is an attractive mic that looks and feels more expensive than it is.

Getting Started

With all the details out of the way, I was eager to get set up with the TONOR TC-777. Luckily, getting started with this USB mic is easy. There is no fiddling with components out of the box. Instead, the shock mount is already on the mic stand and the tripod is ready to go. Although, I did need to screw the pop filter on and place it between the mic and myself.

TONOR says this is a plug-and-play microphone that connects directly to USB without the need for software or drivers. That promise is accurate and on my Windows 10 and Windows 11 laptops the microphone was working immediately after plugging it in.

Sound Quality

While the TC-777 is modestly priced, TONOR has a reputation for excellent sound performance. With the TC-777, that reputation is upheld across several usage scenarios. During my testing, I used the mic for Zoom meetings, gaming, personal calls on Skype, and some voice recording samples. People I spoke with confirmed my audio was crisp and clear with a distinct lack of background noise.

I am certainly comfortable recommending the TONOR TC-777 for business environments such as digital meetings, conferences, and presentations. It is worth noting that voice recording volume is too sensitive for my taste and there is no way to accurately control it. That is a minor issue that is forgivable considering the low cost of the TC-777.

Noise-canceling is a must-have feature on any decent microphone. To achieve this on the TC-777, TONOR leverages four different methods to reduce noise. From a hardware perspective the rubber feet on the stand, shock cable mounts, foam cover, and pop filter all work to reduce environmental noises on the device itself.

Most users will be speaking face-on into the mic, so the cardioid polar pattern is ideal. This essentially means the mic focuses on picking up audio coming directly towards it rather than from behind. That is great for when speaking into the mic and avoiding background ambient noises. Although, there are no other patterns available, so flexibility is limited.

So far, the TONOR TC-777 experience has been top-notch, but there are some issues. Chief among them is the lack of a physical mute button on the microphone. If you are recording audio or in a live streaming situation, this will be a big miss. There is a way to reduce volume and mute on your device, but in locations where noise may be instant, a physical mute button would be better.

Would I like to see TONOR add a mute button on future generations? 100%, but at the same time I think it is an acceptable compromise for the cost of the TC-777.

What I like

  • Quality sound
  • Affordable price
  • Attractive design
  • Included stand, shock mount, and pop filter

What I’d change

  • At this price point there are no downsides


When considering the TONOR TC-777, it is always worth keeping its humble price tag in mind. There may be better USB mic’s available, but none offer the overall package at an affordable price like the TC-777. That’s why I think this is the best value USB mic currently available, or at least out of those I have used.

Whether you need a quality mic for meetings, recording, or streaming, the TONOR TC-777 does a good job. It has sound reproduction quality that compares to microphones three times its cost. As entry-level mic’s go, the TC-777 is hard to beat.


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