Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Power New Partnership with FedEx

Microsoft and FedEx are expanding their collaboration, with Dynamics 365 soon to integrate with FedEx network data.

has announced it is extending its partnership with transport/shipping giant FedEx in an effort to streamline deliveries. The companies are already partners and are now combining technology to broaden their plans.

Specifically, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be integrated with FedEx network intelligences to create a new “logistics as a service” solution. Retailers, merchants, and organizations can leverage the service to help streamline product deliveries and nurture improvements in communication during the delivery process.

Microsoft and FedEx have been in a partnership since 2020, when both promised to “transform commerce.” While that has not really happened yet, this week's announcement is pushing towards the goal.

“Nearly two years ago we set out on a mission with Microsoft to transform the commerce ecosystem,” says president and COO of FedEx, Raj Subramaniam.

“In that time, we've made significant progress, leveraging technology with our FedEx Surround solution, which provides critical support in enabling advanced monitoring of time-sensitive priority shipments. This next phase of our will continue to connect the unmatched supply chain insights from the FedEx network with the to improve e-commerce experiences for brands, merchants and consumers.”

Tech Integration

As part of the expansion, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management will integrate with FedEx data. The companies expect the integration to be complete during the second half of 2022. Dynamics 365 AI will access the data from FedEx to find ways to improve shipping, customer service, order tracking, and completion.

According to Microsoft CEO , the expansion with FedEx comes at a critical time when supply chain efficiency is a top goal for all organizations.

“We're bringing data and insights from the FedEx network together with the Microsoft Cloud, starting with Dynamics 365, to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation across their business operations so they can offer customers more integrated ways to shop, and faster, more efficient deliveries.”

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