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Parental Controls for Internet: Learn to Keep Your Kids Safe


This article was contributed by Berry Swinker, a self-employed journalist specializing in family issues, lifehacks, and psychology.

How to Control Kid's Internet Time

The internet has made it possible to access anything on the web with a simple click. While this is turning the world into a better place, it equally makes it problematic. Enabling parental control on internet access on your kid's gadgets is, therefore, inevitable. It prevents them from viewing inappropriate content and keeps them safe as they explore their curiosity.

The Importance of Restricting Your Kids' Internet Time

Is it worth fighting with your kids over the amount of time they spend online?

What parents are most concerned about is what their children consume online. Given the growing list of interactive programs, it is impossible to tear children away from their gadgets. Let's say there is such an application like TikTok, at a glance this application doesn't seem to be a threat to your child but there are many bloggers or videos which are prohibited for kids under 18, however their system struggles with such things, still some videos slip through.

Often parents put apps to sort content with TikTok parental controls. However, you need to manage their Internet access and limit their screen time. So why is it important to limit your child's Internet time?

  • To reduce their screen time
  • To prevent them from accessing harmful online content
  • To improve their social life
  • To enhance concentration on their studies
  • To encourage them to be more physically active
  • To protect them from eating and sleeping disorders
  • To prevent them from a possible internet addiction

Too much online time can negatively affect the body, mental health, and social relationships. Less internet means they get time to socialize with friends, engage in extra-curricular activities, and generally improve their physical, social, and mental well-being.

Choosing the Right App to Limit Internet Use

Talking to young ones about how to browse the internet safely may not be enough. Monitoring apps help you keep an eye, and restrict them from accessing harmful content online. However, picking the best application to use can be daunting. When choosing the ideal app to use, you should consider a few features.

  • Site blocking for inappropriate websites
  • Website filtering
  • Monitoring web activities
  • Sending remote notifications
  • Limiting screen time

How to Limit Internet Use with eyeZy

Every parent wants to know what their kid is doing online. While there are countless parental apps for that, it is important to only settle for the best. mSpy is among the leading apps with top features that can help with remote monitoring of any device.

How Can I Limit My Child's Internet Access Using eyeZy?

Here are some key features that you can get on eyeZy:

  1. Browsing History

The gist of their online activity is in their browser history. eyeZy lets you see what sites they frequent and what content they are consuming. If you find some questionable platforms, you can use the website blocking feature to limit their access.

  1. Blocking Websites

The power to control the sites your kids can or cannot access is invaluable. eyeZy parental controls for internet enable parents to limit access to websites with inappropriate content. This intuitive feature filters all their content and ensures they only consume what's right.

  1. Wi-Fi Networks

eyeZy allows parents to see all the Wi-Fi hotspots their little ones are connected to often. If there's a cause for alarm in the name or location, then you can prevent these connections.

  1. Website Bookmarks

If your child visits a certain website often, they may add it to their bookmark for quick access. eyeZy allows you to see all the bookmarked sites on their devices and filter any inappropriate content.

  1. Keyword Alerts

Keep tabs with chats, communication, and searches on your kid's phone. Specify keywords that the app should flag whenever they are used on their device. You will get real-time notifications of the keywords whenever they're in use.

How to Control Kid's Internet Time

While parental control apps and monitoring your kid's device is great, it's risky. If they find out you've been spying on their devices, this could start a war or, worse, lead them to defiance. Hence, you need to consider other non-controversial ways of ensuring their safety online.

That said, you can start by setting some ground rules such as:

  • No posting of personal information on the internet
  • Using screen names that do not include their real names
  • Placing and using all their gadgets in an open area
  • Limiting screen time
  • Limiting web access

Explaining best online practices to your kids helps them develop self-discipline and learn how to choose what they consume wisely.


The internet has its advantages and disadvantages for children. As a parent, your role is to ensure that your kid's internet experience adds more positive impact in their lives than negative. With apps such as eyeZy, monitoring your kid's online activities shouldn't be a problem. It provides all the access you need, making you fully aware of what they are up to.

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Berry Swinker is a young self-employed journalist specializing in family issues, lifehacks, and psychology.


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