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AMD Debuts New Radeon pro W6400 GPU

AMD is debuting the Radeon PRO W6400, a mid-range GPU that the company says optimizes performance with an affordable price.


AMD is this week expanding its business-class Radeon PRO W6000 Series of graphics chips. The company is introducing the Radeon PRO W6400 GPU, a new mid-range graphics setup that AMD has creators, business professionals, and enterprise customers in mind.

It sits below the AMD Radeon PRO w6800 and AMD Radeon PRO W6600. We will cover the differences between those models and compare with a couple of rival GPUs from below. Firstly, let's look at the details of the Radeon PRO W6400.

AMD is trying to balance affordability with performance. The company says the W6400 allows professional-grade capabilities without necessarily offering the highest performance metrics. An example is how effectively the GPU manages multiple screens.

While the top GPUs will have performance for many screens, AMD found around half of all professional customers have a single display, and a third has two displays. So, the Radeon PRO W6400 functions optimally on a single 8K screen or two displays. Users have more expensive options in the W6000 Series for more displays.


Below is a comparison between the PRO W6400 and other W6000 Series GPUs, as well as Nvidia competitors:

GPU Memory Peak Performance Display Outputs Peak Power Consumption Price
AMD Radeon PRO W6800 32GB 17.83 Teraflops 6 250W $2,249
AMD Radeon PRO W6600 8GB 10.40 Teraflops 4 130W $649
AMD Radeon PRO W6400 4GB 3.54 Teraflops 2 50W $229
NVIDIA T1000 4GB 2.5 Teraflops 4 50W $499
NVIDIA T600 4GB 1.7 Teraflops 4 40W $249

AMD makes a direct comparison between the W6400 and the Nvidia T1000 and T600 GPUs. Although, the two competitor chips have more display output, while AMD's GPU provides more overall performance.

Customers can purchase the Radeon PRO W6400 soon, with AMD promising a Q1 2022 launch. The GPU is built on the company's RDNA 2 architecture and the Infinity Cache feature to increase bandwidth.

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