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Why Is Digital Asset Management Important?


This article was contributed by copywriter and SEO specialist Charles Adeoye.

As a worker, do you need to access your company’s database with ease? As an entrepreneur, do you have customer requests in high demand? Is there a need to update your digital assets management practices to improve your overall performance? Then you should consider a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

A Digital Asset Management system is a necessity, not an option, especially when dealing with any form of digital content, either by transferring, sharing, or modifying them. You might wonder what purpose it serves or the fundamental importance attached to it. Well, if you need a reliable and secure safe to store any form of digital assets, then a DAM system would be of great benefit to you.

However, there are many other reasons why a DAM system is essential, and there are several different purposes it serves. Here are ten reasons why digital assets management is important.

Effective planning

A DAM tool or system helps you arrange and sort all digital content to aid easy access for all. Companies where data are shared often benefit from this as employees can access the company’s files and programs anytime and from anywhere. While doing this, it also protects the integrity of these files making sure they are not altered. Hence, everyone has access to the same data in the same version without an iota of discrepancy. This level of organization saves time and effort spent updating individual assets if sent individually. This entire process is straightforward to implement and is relatively easy.

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Generates detailed metadata

Metadata means a set of data that provides details about other data. These details could include the source, exclusive rights those assets have, the technical conditions, and any related keywords to speed up accessing such assets. DAM systems help label assets as metadata to easily access main digital assets. This metadata is designed to be easily accessible and easily adjusted to suit specific needs, making it readable. It helps search for content, making it easy to use specific details on digital assets to find them when needed. This saves a lot of time and effort that would have been used in long searches for content, especially when they are in large volumes.

Sustains brand reliability

Digital Assets Management systems help ensure that assets related to brands or companies are continually updated. This improves the general outlook and enhances the brand. Aside from ensuring all workers have duplicate files and details to aid uniformity, the overall integrity of the brand is not compromised. In the long run, this management system helps maximize profit and increase the company’s income when the contents used in marketing and execution of their other plans are appropriately managed.

Secured access

DAM platforms enforce the restriction of unlimited access to all digital content. It does this by granting permission to only those entitled to access specific digital data. It could be in the form of a particular password protocol to be followed or an authentication system limited to specific parties. This system helps reduce access and the chances of files being manipulated, especially very sensitive files.

A DAM system improves security and eliminates uncontrolled entry to digital assets.

It makes record keeping easy

The analytics of digital assets management use helps make the right decisions and provides the most support. Assessing how well an asset is doing makes maintenance possible and enables the company to get maximum results. This will notify organizations on how well their resources are being used, making their work easier. DAM systems help to do all this and should be incorporated in sorting digital assets. This makes distribution to various platforms easier and quicker.

Maximizing the efficiency of Assets

Digital assets are fundamentally the basis on which most businesses and companies operate, hence the need to make them more effective is top priority. A DAM system helps increase the functionality and productivity of digital assets. This makes them compatible enough to work with other software systems to increase productivity.  It also helps shift focus to creating new assets and not focusing on older ones. This helps bring about centralization and helps improve working together.

Reduces unnecessary duplication of digital content

A unique feature of a DAM system is its prevention of the replication of already existing digital content. This maintains the uniqueness of these assets and makes them more reliable and trusted. It also keeps content authentic and unique to the brand they are meant for. Plus, it controls the use of assets, making sure important ones are not omitted or overlooked. Errors are most likely to occur when files are duplicated and these can be mitigated by using a DAM system.

Reliable backup

The importance of having backups can never be underestimated. And, DAM systems provide the best backup services. They save all previous versions of files, making it easier to retrieve older versions if needed. Also, DAM systems reduce the risk of completely losing files or data as there are always backup copies. This prevents the loss of valuable work due to probable errors on the user’s part.

It promotes harmony between all involved parties

Due to the ease and speed with which DAMs distribute information, all members of the team get the required data seamlessly. They also get their data in the same format and with the same information. This eliminates any error or discrepancy between shared assets that can result in inconsistencies.

It makes sharing a lot easier

DAM systems make sharing digital content convenient and easy. This cannot be overemphasized, primarily when assets are distributed to various members of a work team. There won’t be any difficulty sharing content across multiple parties with DAM. It also makes navigating through piles of content more manageable and enables them to be put to good use. 

Everyone wants to have good and profitable businesses. Digital Asset Management can afford that as DAM systems are affordable and relatively easy to implement. Taking that big step today to invest in managing your digital assets would set you on the path to future financial success. And when you’re ready for the leap, Daminion will be there to help you every step of the way. They’ll help you set up an effective digital asset management system with ease. With Daminion, you’re in safe hands. 

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