We reported last week that Microsoft had to delay its deadline to release Android 11 for the original Surface Duo until 2022 because Google did not release certification. Of course, the new Surface Duo 2 ships with Android 11 already on board. Now it seems Microsoft is willing to update both devices to Android 12L.

Here is where it gets tricky, because there is a lot of scheduling movement to consider. Firstly, Microsoft still will update the original Surface Duo to Android 11. That is likely to happen soon – when Google finally grants certification – after missing the 2021 deadline.

Microsoft initially promised Android 11 on the device by the close of the year. Missing that timeframe – whoever is at fault – means the OG Surface Duo did not get a major update for over a year.


We already know Microsoft will continue to update that original handset until 2023. On paper, which should mean two more major releases. So, the Duo should get the current newest generation of Android (Android 12) and Android 13. That latter version will launch later this year and the Duo will get it in 2023, maybe later that year.

However, I have my doubts two more years of support means two more updates. After Android 11 arrives on the Duo this year, Microsoft will need to update to Android 12 quickly, also in 2022, if it is to release Android 13 on the device in 2023. It is more likely we wait another year to get Android 12.

As for the Surface Duo 2, the situation is a little more straightforward. That handset is already on Android 11 and is awaiting Android 12.

Android 12L

According to Windows Central, Microsoft will skip the standard Android 12 update entirely, and move straight to the Android 12L release. This is the latest updated version of Android 12 that adds more features, including features that will appeal to Duo users.

For example, Google has optimized apps for different screens, improved the UI for larger screens, and made multitasking more intuitive.

There is no word on when Microsoft will update the Duo smartphones to Android 12L. Sometime in the next six months for the Duo 2 would be about right. As for the original Duo, that may be waiting longer.

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