When conducting a presentation in Microsoft Teams Rooms, group are often engaged in text conversations alongside the video meeting. Microsoft now has a feature planned that will make understanding conversations easier.

The company has already been moving towards this goal. During the summer, the company rolled out notifications for private chats, which tell users in a room when someone wants to talk with them in privacy.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft Teams Rooms will soon get those chat bubbles in a public group chat. It seems the feature is scheduled to be launched in April 2022 and so far is only mentioned for Microsoft Teams on Android.


We guess that exclusivity to Android will change in time and the feature will come to more platforms.

In the roadmap, Microsoft says the following about the feature:

“Microsoft Teams: Chat Bubbles during Teams meetings for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android

Ability to view chats sent during a Teams meeting on the front of room display in a Teams Room, calling attention to the chat conversation happening alongside the meeting.”

Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms was launched back in January 2019, and it allows users to add multiple webcams. Users can switch between cameras on the rooms console through the universal bar. Simply tap the camera icon and switch a camera between on and off.

Last month, Microsoft brought new multi-cam feature for Rooms.

Tapping the chevron menu offers options for camera selection and also provides live preview. Administrators with the ability to make changes to devices can choose which web camera is the default feed. This happens through the Teams Admin Center.

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