Microsoft is still rolling out Windows 11 to the masses, a release schedule that won’t be finished until mid-way through next year. Even so, the company is already deep in development on the next major update for the OS. So, what can we expect in Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 (22H2 Update)? Well, one feature will be something Microsoft originally promised when launching Windows 11 in June.

Specifically, the inclusion of third-party widgets on the platform. As reported by Windows Central, the Widgets Panel on Windows 11 will provide users with the ability to create their own widgets and access widgets from other creators.

All widgets will be available through the Microsoft Store, while apps not available on the store can also have widgets.


Currently, the selection of widgets is small on Windows 11, including Microsoft’s recently launched News/Weather pop-out, which is already available on Windows 10. It was thought the company would develop more widgets and also ask developers to create third-party options.

Coming Next Year

While third-party widgets were expected, Microsoft confirmed before launch they were delayed. It now seems the company is prepping them for the Windows 11 Sun Valley Update. Below is what Microsoft had to say about widgets during its original announcement earlier this year:

“For creators and publishers, Widgets also opens new real estate within Windows to deliver personalized content. Our aspiration is to create a vibrant pipeline for global brands and local creators alike, in a way that both consumers and creators can benefit.”

Microsoft has not given Windows 11 Sun Valley 2 a launch date yet. However, the company is moving to annual updates for Windows 11, so we guess a fall 2022 rollout is most likely.

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