Microsoft’s original Surface Duo was scheduled to receive Android 11 by the end of 2021, per a promise made by Microsoft. However, it now looks increasingly likely that the company will miss that deadline. Although, Microsoft says it is all Google’s fault.

Before going on, let’s be clear, Android 11 is not the latest version of the platform. In fact, we are already on Android 12 with Google’s own devices already updated and some Samsung handsets too.

So, Microsoft is running late with an already old version of Android. By the way, it seems very unlikely that the original Surface Duo will ever be up to date with the current generation Android. Microsoft says it will update the model for 3 years, meaning through 2023.


Although, it seems the Duo will always be one major Android generation behind. So, next year it will get Android 12 and in 2023 Android 13, although I have my doubts about the latter ever happening. The original Surface Duo will be dead and buried by then.

Android 11

Of course, with the Surface Duo 2 now available, the focus on fresh updates is naturally on the newer smartphone.

Back to the reason why Android 11 is not shipping to the Surface Duo OG as promised, Microsoft is putting the blame firmly on Google’s doorstep. The company insists it has been working on implementing the update on the Duo for months.

Gaining certification from Google seems to be the stumbling block. Now that both companies have shut down operations for the New Year weekend, the earliest we can expect the release is in January 2022.

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