Microsoft SharePoint customers who use the site creation tool are getting a new update to see in the new year. According to Microsoft, changes to the experience mean users will find it easier to choose the best SharePoint site for them.

Further improvements revolve around managing site permissions, understanding roles, and more. Microsoft SharePoint is also adding larger site descriptions, better graphical performance, and more context for permissions.

The update will have the biggest change for users who utilize SharePoint to create sites directly from the start page. Admins will also see benefits from the admin center. Microsoft says the update will allow users to more efficiently understand differences between a team site and communication site.


In terms of improvements to the site permissions panel, admins and owners can see what different permission levels there are what each one means. Microsoft has made this easy with a hover-over icon that expands to more information.


Microsoft has begun the roll out of the update and says it will be complete during January 2022.

SharePoint Server Subscription

During the summer, Microsoft launched a new SharePoint Server Subscription Edition (SE).

This is both an extension of the current SharePoint Server and a new product. SharePoint Server SE is an evolution of the on-premises platform, the next generation according to Microsoft. It is designed to bring security, management, updates and reliability for SharePoint servers without needing to be online or in the cloud.

Looking at updates, the SE offering providers continuous updates while still allowing organizations to have the flexibility and affordability they need. Customers will be able to get major version upgrades more efficiently and have more control over their updates.

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