Microsoft and the German government have been at odds over the flip flopping of organizations in the country on replacing or using Microsoft Office products. In the latest move, the German state Hesse wants to stop using Microsoft Teams and Office 365, but has been blocked by the Higher Regional Court Frankfurt am Main (OLG).

Initially, the Hessian Ministry of Education wanted to stop using Microsoft Teams, the popular workplace collaboration and communication app. In its place, the government organization was planning to leverage a local alternative.

This would involve migrating over 2,000 schools in the region to the new solutions. However, the Regional Court Frankfurt am Main ruled that the local alternative did not offer the same level of capabilities as Microsoft.


For example, the court says the criteria should allow 200,000 students on average and 450,000 at peak times. It seems the local solution was unable to meet these requirements.

Munich Debacle

This is not the first time that Microsoft has had issues with German authorities looking to dump its products. In Munich, the government has been messing around for years. As we reported back in 2017, the government made a controversial decision to abandon open source and return to Windows.

This followed an earlier decision to ditch Office for Linux. Despite changing its mind once, in 2020, Munich once again announced it would seek to move away from Microsoft and towards open source solutions.

Another German state, Schleswig-Holstein, has recently announced it too plans to shift from Microsoft Office to the open LibreOffice suite and eventually completely to Linux.

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