Apple Park
Apple Park

Apple is one of the quietest Big Tech companies when it comes to virtual and mixed reality. However, despite having no product, the company has invested heavily into the future of digital reality technology. Even so, the Cupertino giant is concerned it could lose its top talent to Meta Platforms, the new parent company of Facebook.

That means Metaverse, the virtual reality world Meta wants to create. The plans are ambitious, so the company once known as Facebook is seeking the best talent in VR and MR development. That could land Meta at Apple’s doorstep looking to snap up its employees.

In an effort to keep those employees on board, Apple is offering massive bonuses. It is not just in the VR realm that Apple has concerns, the was for talent also spans other areas and brings Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others into the frame.


Bloomberg reports Cupertino is offering out of cycle bonuses ranging from $50,000 to $180,000 to engineers. Specifically, software engineers and tech pros could receive $80,000, $100,000, or even $120,000 in stock.

Metaverse is a virtual world where users can access through MR headsets to learn, play, shop, and interact. Facebook (ahem, Meta) is essentially throwing its whole future behind the metaverse. While Apple is not being quite so single-minded, the company has been focusing internally on similar technology.

Microsoft’s Position

As for Microsoft, the company has not discussed much its aspirations in the metaverse. CEO Satya Nadella has spoken about his views of the technology.

Nadella argues the idea is not to put a virtual/digital reality over real life, but instead to place the real world within a computer. Nadella points to Microsoft Teams, which allows users to place real work functionality into the digital product. Furthermore, the CEO says the concept of a Metaverse is also not really new:

“[…] So video [-based meetings] transcending to 2D avatars and 3D immersive meetings is probably as practical a way for us to think about how the metaverse really emerges,” he says.

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