Image: u/Leopeva64-2

Microsoft Edge is becoming a true central hub for the online experience thanks to the dozens of features Microsoft has thrown at the web browser. In the latest addition, Microsoft is adding a full Games panel to Edge.

The new feature was discovered by Redditor u/Leopeva64-2 and is currently available in the Microsoft Edge Canary channel. Via an Appearance toggle, users can place the Games button on the omnibar or choose to keep it hidden.

When enables, the Games button expands as a panel on the right side of the Microsoft Edge browser window. As you might expect, here you can see a bunch of games that you can play. Most come from Microsoft’s own MSN Games and are separated into categories such as Puzzle, Classic, Arcade, Casual, Sports, etc.


It is worth noting that some users will not see this yet, even on the Canary branch. This basically means Microsoft is rolling out the Games panel in stages and some users will get it and others will need to wait. Either way, we are at least a few months away from the feature passing through all preview channels towards a full release.

Recent Edge Additions

Microsoft has been taking an interesting path with Edge recently. The company has been throwing features at the browser that are directly integrated into the experience. While most these tools would be classed as extensions, Microsoft is baking them directly into the Edge browser.

Features like the Math Solver, Citations, Shopify integration, do little to change the browsing experience, but they do add versatility to Microsoft Edge.

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