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The Best Writing Apps for Windows 11: Free and Paid


This article was contributed by Mathew Greeley for Onlineplagiarismchecker.net.

Writing skills are very important, whether you are a student or a professional. If you want to improve your skills or make your life a lot easier, there are certain apps that you can use for this purpose.

If you're working on a computer or laptop with as its OS, there are many writing apps for you to choose from. The apps you choose will depend on the features you need, the level of your writing skills, and your budget.

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ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid is a very efficient writing app that generates more than 20 reports for you to analyze the content you have written. Apart from the reports, you will also get suggestions to improve the overall flow of your written work. 

This app emphasizes improvement rather than highlighting the individual mistakes and errors in your document. For this reason, ProWriting Aid is ideal if you frequently write long-form content and you want to learn how to improve your writing. If you want to try this app out, you can avail of the 14-day free trial first. If you like it, you can upgrade to the paid version, wherein you pay $299 for lifetime use, $79 per year, or $20 per month. 


FocusWriter is specially designed to get rid of distractions while you write so that you can focus on the task at hand. When working on this app, you have the option to hide other apps, monitor your progress, and customize the appearance of your text.

This app has a clean and simple interface and it even allows you to add a typewriter sound effect to give you a retro feel while you type. You also have the option to change the wallpaper, text colors, and other features to make you feel more inspired. However, it's not the best app if you need to keep going back to what you have written so that you can edit your work. But it will help you stay focused, which is essential if you have a lot of work to do. This is a free, open-source app with multiple platforms.


Beewriter is a very effective writing assistant that will provide you with corrections and suggestions while you write. With this app, you can hone your writing as you receive ideas for better phrasing while fixing any grammatical errors.

It's a great app that even provides the reasons behind the mistakes. It's powerful enough to fix errors that other tools and apps can't even detect. Beewriter also offers support for six different languages, with more coming in the future. To try it out, you can avail of the 14-day free trial first. Then you can upgrade to the paid version wherein you pay $10 per month for the Premium plan or $5 per month for the Basic plan. 

Google Drive

Drive is one of the most commonly used apps today. With this app, you have 15GB of cloud space for uploading , documents, and other files, then sync everything with all other devices that you use.

The great thing about Google Drive is that you can work directly on the file. Then you can install add-ons like Grammarly to help you correct and refine your written works as you write them. This is a free app that allows you to share folders and files with other people directly. You can even collaborate on writing projects with other people to see what they have written and add your own content to the files.

Check your content after writing

Writing apps are tools that can help you come up with the best content for your articles, blog posts, research papers, and other written works. But if you need to submit written work for your school or college, you must make sure that they're 100% original. This is where an online plagiarism checker comes in. Plagiarism is a very big issue in the world of writing and you should make sure that your work doesn't contain this. Run your document through a plagiarism checker first before submitting it.


Squibler is a very intuitive tool for writing and it's especially ideal for those who write a lot of stories, books, and novels. With this app, you can write faster without compromising the quality of your content. One standout feature is the “Note Cards” where you can divide your display screen, check your progress, and organize your content by creating cards. You also have the option to filter and store your content using tags.

When editing, this convenient app has a drag-and-drop feature, which makes editing a lot easier for you. When you're done working, you can share your files with your editor for them to start working too. Give this app a try by availing of the 30-day free trial. Then you can pay $9.99 per month to continue using it. 


Grammarly is another commonly-used app, especially for those who write for a living. It's a straightforward app that checks your written works for spelling and grammar mistakes. It also provides details behind the suggested corrections. 

With this app, you can set the tone of your writing based on the nature of your content and your target audience. Grammarly also checks your documents based on repetitiveness, readability, and clarity. This app is more suitable for writing short-form content rather than long-form content. You can use the Basic version of this app for free but if you want the Premium version, you will pay $139.95 per year or $11.66 per month. 


WriteMonkey is an excellent choice for you if you're used to writing on Microsoft Word and other similar word processing software. It has a clean and simple interface with all of the tools that you need to produce various written works.

One standout feature of this app is the “Markdown,” which is a text-editing language that allows you to classify, link, annotate, and format while you're typing. Simple as it looks, it's very powerful. This free app also offers file organization, an excellent highlighter, and automatic syntax highlighting. This is the perfect app for you if you write a lot of print publications, blog posts, and other written works.


Calmlywriter is another free app with a minimalistic interactive design. This is an online app that helps you maintain your focus while you write. You can do this through the “focus mode” that highlights each paragraph that you work on. 

Although it's very simple, it does have some very helpful features. For one, it supports syntax for formatting fonts, headers, and even bullet lists. With this app, you can use keyboard shortcuts to make your work faster. You don't have to pay anything to use this app and when you're done, you can export your document to a PDF file. It also has a word counter and you can perform a spell check using your browser.

LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is an open-source app that you can use in place of MS Office. It comes with many powerful features similar to MS Word but it doesn't come with a high price tag.

The app offers a thesaurus, dictionaries for various languages, and several editing tools. There is also an active community of people who use the app so that you can find answers to any questions you might have. This app is free of charge, although it doesn't offer direct cloud support. But you can use it with a third-party storage service like Dropbox so that you can save or share your written works. 


Writing apps will help boost your writing skills while allowing you to learn other tips, tricks, and even skills that will make you improve as a writer. You can choose from the apps listed here, which are all compatible with Windows 11. With the right app, you can finish your tasks quicker and easier and have more time to do other things. The apps featured here are also very user-friendly, which makes them ideal even for beginners.

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