Microsoft is heading into the holidays with a nice gift for Skype users who will be using the app to contact family members over the holiday season. With the launch of Skype 8.79, the company is overhauling the call experience to make it more modern.

This is only for the web and desktop version of the app, while the update also brings contact filter changes for users on mobile.

Let’s start with those call features. Skype 8.79 for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Web. Microsoft simply says the call experience is now modern, which is flashy speak for saying it has received a design tweak.


Users can also customize their call view in more ways, while there is also a new zoom feature that allows users to maximize areas of the screen. This can be done during meetings with no affect on the overall call.

On Android and iOS, Skype 8.79 adds a modern contact filtering system, against simplifying the design with a cleaner look.

As always, Microsoft has also squashed bugs across all platforms. Some of the notable fixes include an issue where Skype would crash during calls. You can get the version 8.79 update now on whatever platform you use Skype on. Remember, the app is no longer installed on Windows 11 by default, so you may need to download it.

Full Changelog

Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web 

  • Call me maybe: And enjoy a modernized call experience.
  • The old switcharoo: You now have more options to customize your call view.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements: We got rid of some bugs for you.

 Skype for Android, iPhone, and iPad 

  • They say we need to work on our filter: So we modernized its look.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements: We got rid of some bugs for you.

What’s fixed? 

  • Skype crashing on ending calls
  • Notification action not opening chat on iPhone
  • The app was refreshing when attempting to add more funds, when the balance was not zero, on Windows

Tip of the day: If your PC keeps connecting to the wrong WiFi network, you can set WiFi priority to avoid the need to manually select access points over and over again.