Google’s name looms large in the smart watch realm thanks to Wear OS, the company’s wearable specific take on Android. However, Google has yet to launch its own smart watch, but that was set to change with the release of the Google Pixel Watch slated for 2021. As we draw out the year, that has obviously not happened, with Google now pointing to a 2022 launch.

The company initially planned to launch the Google Pixel Watch alongside the Google Pixel 6 smartphone during the gall. However, that was delayed and the company has not said when the device will get a release.

However, the folks at 9to5Google have found that a 2022 launch is happening and Google has been using the extra time to create some Pixel exclusive features. Specifically an app called “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH” that hosts special abilities for the wearable.


It seems much of these tools will focus on the Google Assistant, with the Pixel Watch getting the latest features from the AI. For example, on-device speech processing to allow the assistant to provide offline functionality.


Google is reportedly working with Samsung to provide the processing power for the Pixel Watch. The device will run on a 5nm Samsung Exynos chipset, which will be similar to the one Samsung uses on its own Galaxy Watch 4 (in that case an Exynos W920).

In terms of design, Google has opted for a round face that is now the standard for any wrist wearable that is not an Apple Watch. It will also have no physical bezel, but it is unclear how the all-screen design will work.

More disappointing rumors include battery life of less than a single day, perhaps a trade-off on Google’s AI features. Still, in an era when smart watch manufacturers are pushing towards multi-day performance, Google’s battery seems woefully behind the curve.

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