Featured - How to restore the old Volume Mixer in Windows 11

Windows 11 has a lot of significant changes, but it also has some very frustrating ones. One of those is the hide the volume mixer between several settings menus, making it difficult to adjust on the fly. But there’s still hope – thanks to the community you can get the Windows 10 volume mixer back. Today we’re going to show you how to restore the old volume mixer in Windows 11 using an open-source tool.

Where is the classic volume mixer in Windows 11?

This modification comes from Windows developer Patrik Johansson, who seems just as frustrated at the change as the result of us. His modification allows you to get the classic volume mixer in Windows 11 by adding a new icon to your system tray.

Clicking the new sound icon will open the old Windows 10 volume mixer in Windows 11 rather than the new, toned-down sound menu. You’ll therefore be able to adjust the volume level of individual applications with ease.

So, if you’re wondering why volume mixer won’t open in Windows 11, follow along to return the sound menu to its former glory:

How to Restore the Old Volume Mixer in Windows 11

Restoring the classic volume mixer in Windows 11 is really quite simple. Once you have the app, it’s just a couple of clicks to get your Windows 10 sound mixer in Windows 11. You should note, however, that this currently cannot replace the in-built Windows 11 volume icon. Instead, you’ll have to click the new icon that appears on your taskbar.

  1. Download and run the classic volume mixer app

    Head to this GitHub page’s release section and click to download the .exe file of the latest version.

    You should note that the classic volume mixer application provided by Johansson is entirely safe. The source code is available to all to audit, the creator has uploaded a virus total report, and I have personally checked the latest version against VirusTotal.

    However, because users rarely use the app, your web browser may flag it up as a potentially unsafe download. To bypass this and download it, please read our blocked download guide.

    Once you have downloaded the app, just double-click its .exe to restore the old volume mixer in Windows 11.

    Again, you may get a security warning when trying to run this app due to it being from an uncommon source. This is easy to remedy – just follow our unblock downloads guide.

    Windows 11 - Download ClassicVolumeMixer.exe

  2. Click the classic volume mixer icon on your taskbar

    Clicking the speaker icon will open the Windows 10 volume mixer in Windows 11 and allow you to adjust the volume of different applications as you wish.

    Windows 11 - Taskbar - Classic Volume Mixer Icon

  3. Adjust the sound levels of your application using the old volume mixer

    You can simply drag the bar up and down on any applications to make it louder or quieter compared to the others.

    Windows 11 - Taskbar - Classic Volume Mixer Icon -

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