There are no prizes if you can guess which company has been named the worst of the year, as the answer is probably on the tip of your tongue. Yes, it is Facebook, or Meta as the wider company is now called.

This is according to Yahoo! Finance, but we doubt the outlet is alone in its assessment. Each year, Yahoo! Finance chooses the best “Company of the Year,” which in 2021 was win by Microsoft. There is also a less impressive award given, “Word Company of the Year.”

While the Best Company award takes into account various factors like achievements, market position, reputation, and more, the Worst Company “Award” is based on Yahoo! Audience surveys.


Essentially, the website asks its readers to say which company has annoyed them the most during the year. 1,514 respondents took part in the survey, and it seems the majority think Facebook/Meta is the Worst Company of the Year.

As you might expect, the usual list of Facebook indiscretions make the reasons users dislike the company. Censorship, privacy issues, promotion of extremist reviews, helping to spread misinformation, murky advertising practices, and so on.


This is – at least partly – why Facebook has recently gone through a branding restructure to become Meta. Facebook still exists, but it is now solely the maligned but still hugely popular social media network. All the company’s other interests, including WhatsApp, Oculus, Instagram, and the new Metaverse are under a new parent company called Meta.

It seems Metaverse will underpin the rebrand and could even be the company name. If you are unfamiliar, Metaverse is a virtual world where users can access through MR headsets to learn, play, shop, and interact.

Yes, it is exactly like the OASIS in Ready Player One and yes you probably should be terrified that a company like Facebook is focusing on this kind of technology.

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