Google Calendar is one of the most popular calendars available and is bundled with the company’s Microsoft Office rival Google Workspace. Making Calendar useful for users is a perpetual process of updates with new features. For the latest release, Google has a welcome new tool available for mobile users.

Specifically, the company is adding account profile photos for Google Calendar on Android and iOS devices. This ability has been on the desktop version for some time (as seen in the image above) and is now landing on mobile.

As well as adding a little personalization to proceedings, it also makes it easier to see which account you are using if you hold multiple Google accounts. No-one likes realizing they put their appointment for the proctologist in their shared work calendar.


Google announced the new feature in a blog post. According to the company, the profile image will make account management easier:

“This visual cue will also make it easier to tell what account you’re creating an event under in Calendar on your Android and iOS device. Clicking the profile picture will allow you to switch between enabled accounts, just as you do in other Google apps.”


Available Now

Furthermore, users can see events for all accounts they are logged into. Like in Gmail, the current active account will be shown, with other accounts available in the drop-down menu for easy toggling.

Google is rolling out the Calendar update now to uses on iOS and Android with a Google Workspace account. The feature is also coming to personal Google Account holders.

It is worth noting you cannot set an individual profile image. In other words, the profile picture will be the same image you have selected for your overall Google Account.

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