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Back to School Tips for Students Using Microsoft OneNote


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This article was contributed by freelance writer Adrian Lomezzo.

After two years of the pandemic-driven school curriculum, it's time for you to get back to school again. Fear not, the note-taking pattern hasn't changed yet. The only difference back to school will mean for you is not being able to record online classes and make notes after. To rescue you from the long rusty practice of yours, today we are going to discuss how you can utilize OneNote to take notes faster than ever during live classes and you may also think “I would love to pay someone to do my homework”, without ever taking any classes.

1. Using OneNote

The foremost thing you need to know is how to use OneNote. OneNote is a bundle product of Office that is free to use and is available for all the mainstream platforms like Windows and Mac OS. If you are allowed to use a laptop or any electronic device during your classes, you can take notes flawlessly through OneNote. You can also use OneNote online without ever installing it.

2. Ruled Sheets

One Note offers an option to transform your blank window into a ruled sheet. You can use that to practice your penmanship and take notes with the help of a stylus or even your keyboard – if you can type fast enough. To access the ruled sheet, go to view, select the rule option and choose a rule type according to your preference.

3. Graphs

OneNote offers a grid layout to copy graphs from the whiteboard that your teacher uses. To Access grid layouts, go to the same view menu, select Rule menu from the options and select grid layout. The latest update includes a virtual ruler, but if you have an older version, you can always take the help of a physical ruler to draw straight lines.

4. Equations

You do not need to write detailed equations by typing. OneNote offers a feature that detects the equations from your handwritten notes and lets you incorporate functions within the program itself. The feature that I love about OneNote is this one. Being a student of science, I know how hard it gets to take notes on a tablet when it involves equations. OneNote takes all the hassle away.

 To use the feature, you first need to write down the equation and select it. By navigating to the maths button, you will see a task pane opening up on the right side of the screen. To perfect the equation, you can either correct it yourself or select again by clicking the fix-it button.

5. Multimedia Inclusion

You can include , videos, and audio anywhere on the page by clicking on the plus sign and selecting the appropriate multimedia option available for you. Want to record the lecture your teacher is providing? You are most welcome to do so. Taking a photo of the whiteboard? Of Course.

6. Capturing Webpages

The OneNote extension available for Edge and is a bliss to use. You can take snaps of web pages to incorporate them later with your notes for a better understanding of the concepts.

 You can also collaborate with others working on the same project using OneNote. But what you can't do with OneNote is find the best legit essay writing services for you to take the nuisance out of researching and writing.

About the author

Adrian Lomezzo is a freelance writer that helps students to create the best schooling experience. He shares tips on making assignments easier and enjoyable at all grades. He also advises students on how to make better use of their college years.

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