Google says it is taking the fight to the Glupteba botnet and has already been successful in disrupting the malware. Glupteba is a botnet that targets Windows machines and uses infected devices to mine cryptocurrencies.

According to Google, it has been working with security firms and partners to disrupt malware through technical sanctions. This means the operators behind the botnet have lost parts of their network. Furthermore, Google is also seeking legal action against the perpetrators of attacks.

Glupteba is a large botnet comprised of a network of around one million Windows machines globally. When running at peak, it is capable of infecting thousands of new machines per day. When successful, the botnet places malware on a system that steals user credentials, mines cryptos, and creates proxies to target other machines on a network.


In an effort to stop the botnet, Google is working with its partners and says it was able to disrupt the “key command and infrastructure” of Glupteba. While the operators now do not have access or control of the botnet, Google says they could take it back at some point.

Legal Action

That is why the company is seeking legal action against the group behind the malware. The company is seeking a computer fraud action in the Southern District of New York, also citing trademark infringement, abuse, and other claims in its case.

“Due to Glupteba’s sophisticated architecture and the recent actions that its organizers have taken to maintain the botnet, scale its operations, and conduct widespread criminal activity, we have also decided to take legal action against its operators.”

Google has requested a restraining order to prevent the operators from taking back control of the botnet.

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